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Kono's Licensed-number:R1-59 号


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Basic information of the hotel

Basic information

Name of the Hotel Kono's
Address 2196, Kouri, Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Access It is about 120 minutes by car from Naha Airport
TEL/FAX TEL: -  FAX:050-5865-9722
Parking lot Available
Total guest rooms 3
Check-in 15:00 ~ 23:59
Check-out 11:00
Check-in basic information This accomodation's staff is not present 24h.
This accommodation has only self check-in system.
You will receive an information email about check-in details from the accomodation 3 days before the check-in day.
Luggage storage before check-in. Luggage storage is Not available before check-in.
Luggage storage after check out. Luggage storage is Not available after check-out.
About the breakfast Breakfast can not be included on the day of reservation.

Facilities and amenities common for all rooms

Facilities common for all rooms Free Wi-Fi TV Wired internet Refrigerator Air-conditioner Washing machine Hair dryer Microwave oven
Amenities common for all rooms Shampoo Face towel Bath towel

Important notices

Acceptable Cards
    credit card is not available when you pay at the hotel
Other notices We cannot use credit card locally.