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Let's enjoy marine activities in winter ♪
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Amount more than JPY5,000
Enjoy 1,000yen discount

Amount more than JPY10,000
Enjoy 2,000yen discount

Coupon code OTSACTIV1

Coupon Requirements

Campaign name
Let's enjoy marine activities in winter ♪
☆☆Get OneTwoSmileACTIVITIES Coupon Present☆☆
How to use the coupon
Login in One Two Smile ACTIVITIES site Member page and find our available Discount Coupons!
Save up to ¥2000 from the total price using this campaign discount coupon!
Enter the displayed coupon code before your booking is completed.
Coupon distribution period
Feb 03,2020(Mon) 10:00 ~ Mar 18,2020(Wed) 23:59
Coupon validity period
Feb 04,2020(Tue) ~ Mar 19,2020(Thu)
Number of coupons available
100  coupons
Minimum amount per coupon
Amount more than JPY5,000yen Enjoy 1,000yen discount
Amount more than JPY10,000yen Enjoy 2,000yen discount
Important notice
・Discount applied to reservations during the following period: from 4/2/2020 to 19/3/2020.
・Only applicable to OTSActivites site's 'Marine' category and for marine plans during the target operating period described.
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・This discount cannot be used for reservations less than the minimum specified amount (from ¥5000).
・Discount coupons cannot be reused. This is valid only once per person. (Even if you cancel a reservation, which has already been used with a coupon, you can reuse it within the same campaign period).
Other coupons cannot be combined.
・Be sure to check if the discount from the coupon can be used when you're finishing the booking (in the information of the reservation's confirmation page).
・Please understand that some facilities may not be included in this promotion.
・In the event that all coupons have sold out just when you're making the reservation and before the purchase completion screen is displayed, the discount coupon will not be available.
・If all coupons have sold out or you enter an incorrect coupon code, the following messages may be displayed: "Your coupon does not exist" or "Your coupon cannot be used here".
Even within the campaign period, you may not reuse the coupon if all coupons have sold out.
・Please note that if you cancel your reservation with its discount once the campaign period has expired, the coupon cannot be reused.
・If you cancel the reservation with the coupon included and cancellation fees are applied, the cancellation fee will be based on the original plan rate (without the coupon discount).
・ Coupon usage rights cannot be transferred, redeemed or changed.
・Available only on OneTwoSmileACTIVITIES site.

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