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【Nanjo】Strawberry Picking Experience in the Island!! (40 minute all-you-can-eat plan)
This strawberries grow in an environment which is very rich in minerals thanks to Okinawa's sun, soil and water.
Why not enjoy picking this Okinawa island strawberries in a greenhouse?

・Ideal experience for winter leisure in Okinawa.
・Because is a covered greenhouse, you can come on rainy days.
・It's a photogenic space.
・Popular activity for families. Parents, friends, couples or seniors, everyone can enjoy it.
・ We also recommend our Okinawa-made strawberry smoothies and ice creams.

※ Please check the available date on the booking calendar. (You can make a reservation one month in advance.)
【Please note that after May 13th, the strawberry picking activity will be held depending on the strawberry growth state. Please check the available dates on the booking calendar

Price (from 8th of April to end of May)
13 years and over→ 2100 yen (1900 yen included)
7 -12 years old → 1800 yen included (1400 yen included)
3 to 6 years old / over 75 years old → 1100 yen (900 yen included)
Free for children under 2 years old
※ The above prices, includes a reservation commission of 300 yen.
※ In the case of senior citizen discount, we will check the age in its passports.
Other Others
  • 05/19

  • 05/20

  • 05/21

  • 05/22

  • One person OK
  • Children OK
  • Pick up service available
  • With meals
  • Required Time
  • in 1 h
  • Payment Method
  • Pre-payment by credit card
Price 13 years and over: ¥1,900
7 -12 years old: ¥1,400
3 to 6 years old / over 75 years old: ¥900
Schedule ・You can enjoy the picking experience of "Island Strawberries" at Okinawa Prefecture's largest strawberry greenhouse (Nanjo Farm).
・You can "eat and compare" the sweetness and sourness of a selected variety of strawberries that has been cultivated in the ideal climate of Okinawa.
Min. of PAX 1people
Things included in the price Strawberry Picking time: around 40 minutes
The reservation commission of 300 yen is included.
Meeting Place 〒901-0601
Yagibaru 555, Kakinohana, Nanjoshi, Okinawa. (南城市垣花屋宜原555)
Note:free parking

MapCode : 232 559 448*65
Meeting Time Please complete the application at the general reception desk until your scheduled starting time.
Important notice ※Please be careful when pick them up so as not to damage strawberry seedlings.
※Please be strictly punctual.
※For elderly discount, please bring your passport to confirm your age.
※All-you-can-eat for 40 minutes. Please refrain from bringing strawberries out of the greenhouse.
※There are around 4 to 6 kinds of strawberries for each hothouse. Because each hothouse strawberries have different sweetness and sourness, enjoy comparing tastes.
※Please throw the calyx of strawberries into the garbage.
※If you want to use condensed milk, please purchase it separately.
※Because the inside of the greenhouse is hot, drink water and other liquids to stay hydrated.
Cancellation Policy 100% of the activity fee will be charged if we receive the cancellation notice from [00:00 on the previous day of the activity].
Organizer CHURA ICHIGO Nanjo Farm
From 10:00 to 16:00
Period: from December to May
Closing: Irregular closing days.