As for reservations of activities on Okinawa「OneTwoSmile ACTIVITIES」
Daily departures! Available from 1 participant! Mangrove SUP Tour. Easy access, held in the central area of Okinawa.
The Hija river offers the perfect setting for leisurely SUP since there is seldom any rough water even in strong winds. Everyone, from beginners, small children to elderly people are welcome!
《4 departures per day》
Departure times: 9:00, 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00

[OTS Reservation Discount] Get a discount of 300 yen per person (available all year round).
Prices: (from 15 years old or older) 5800 yen → 5500 yen and (from 4 to 14 years old) 4800 yen → 4500 yen!

Summer Holiday campaign:
[Summer Holiday Discount] Get a discount of 500 yen per person. (From 17 Jul. to 31 Aug.)
Prices: (from 15 years old or older) 5800 yen → 5300 yen (from 4 to 14 years old) 4800 yen → 4300 yen!

SUP beginners are recommended to enjoy this tour in a calm flow of the Mangrove River! Explore the mangrove forest safely and securely, a total healing experience!
Mangrove River SUP is an unusual experience tour in Okinawa prefecture. There you can observe mangroves, as well as many other animals such as barred mudskipper, fiddler crabs and wild birds that inhabit in mangroves. Double your fun with this program, enjoying the SUP experience and the mangrove observation at the same time. The Hijigawa River, has a smooth flow with scarce strong winds, that's why it can be enjoyed in a much more stable condition than the sea. If you are a beginner, why not try it in this calm and safe river?

SUP "Stand up paddle surfing" is a marine sport born in Hawaii that consists of stand on the board which floats on the surface and go on rowing with a paddle.

Spot information around the facility (travel required time: about 15 to 30 min by car)

Starting from the popular Blue Cave at Maeda Misaki (Onna Village), to the Ryukyu Village, Murasaki Village, Yachimun Village (all are in Yomitan Village) where you can experience the traditional village scenery and the traditional culture of Okinawa. Alternatively, you can enjoy shopping and dining at Mihama American Village (Chatan), this area is especially popular among young people.

Important: Before booking!

There are also limited time offers.
Please refer to the following plans according to the number of applicants and the participation date:
Mangrove SUP Tour. Good Deal for 4 people or more♪(2020/2/7~4/6、5/15~6/30、9/1~11/30)  
Outdoor Activities Guide Tour Outdoor・Sports SUP
  • 04/15

  • 04/16

  • 04/17

  • 04/18

  • One person OK
  • Children OK
  • Pick up service available
  • With meals
  • Required Time
  • in 2 h
  • Payment Method
  • Pre-payment by credit card
Price above 15 years old: ¥5,300~¥5,500
10 years old - 14 years old: ¥4,300~¥4,500
Schedule Gather at the shop. Reception and payment procedures.
If you have to change your clothes at the shop, please come a little earlier than the reservation.

Activity explanation; put on the safety equipment; lecture of SUP.

Briefing of techniques and skills for safety when handling the paddle and SUP.

SUP tour departure and Mangrove observation.

Relax and receive good energy in a sacred spot.
Take a commemorative photo while enjoying this tour.

SUP tour finishes; return to the shop; change of clothes; end of the activity.
(Activity required time: from the gathering until finishes, it takes about 2 hours)
Age 10years old ~
Min. of PAX 1people
Things included in the price ・Rental equipment (SUP & paddle, life jacket, sandals)
Meeting Place 〒904-0204
566-15 Mizugama, Kadena-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa Pref.
Note:There is a parking space available

MapCode : 33704144*23
Meeting Time Please come 10 minutes before your scheduled start time.
Mangrove SUP tour starting hours:
1) 09:00
2) 11:00
3) 14:00
4) 16:00

【Meeting place】
Kayak & SUP ease
※ Please set the address or map code when using the car navigation system.
[English] 566-15 Mizugama, Kadena-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa Pref.
[Japanese] 沖縄県中頭郡嘉手納町(字)水釜566-15
・Map code: 33704144*23

Transfer by Bus:
Take the buses no. 20, 28, 29, 120 or 228 and get off at the bus stop [水釜 / Mizugama].
It's about 10 minutes on foot from the bus stop.
Important notice ※ Healthy people from 10 years old and over can participate.
There is a possible acceptance of children under 10 years of age, in this case, please contact us in advance.
※ For safety reasons, those who are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol are prohibited from joining this activity.
※ Depending on the number of participants and the field condition on that day, the tour end time may change slightly.
※ Basically, our tours will be held even on rainy days. Please come with clothes according to the weather and temperature. However, if it's determined that the condition of the field is not appropriate due to the influence of rainfall, etc., the tour may be canceled or part of it may be changed.
Please note that if we have decided to cancel the tour, we will contact with the customer that made the reservation.
※ If you are susceptible to motion sickness, we recommend you to consume motion sickness medicine before boarding.
※ We do not offer pick-up services, so please come by yourself.
※ Local staff will speak Japanese or basic English.
There are also limited time offers.

Please refer to the following plans according to the number of applicants and the participation date:
Mangrove SUP Tour. Good Deal for 4 people or more♪(2020/2/7~4/6、5/15~6/30、9/1~11/30)  
Cancellation Policy A 100% of the reservation fee will be charged when the participation hour exceeds and there is no contact or no-show.
If you would like to cancel the activity, contact us in advance.
Organizer Kayak & SUP ease Open: from 8:00 to 20:00
Open all year round.
Available languages: ja cnh cnk en
※ It may be text/photo descriptions