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【Experience electric-powered smart scooter gogoro in the northern area of Ishigaki Island】It is advantageous with OTS Rent-a-car! Switch from rental car to gogoro and drive!
Limited time offer with this price until the end of December!

New spot in Ibaruma in the northern part of Ishigaki Island!
A base with rental smart electric scooters gogoro has appeared!

"Switch drive" from OTS rental car to gogoro
The same price for the duration from 2 hours to 1 day! (50 cc)
On;y customers who arrived by OTS Rent-a-car can use it with advantageous price! (This plan is for 2 hours or more)
(※This plan is until May 31, 2019)

※This plan is a set with OTS Rent-a-car.
Reservation for OTS Rent-a-car is necessary for booking this plan.
OTS Rent-a-car reservations are here!

■ 50 cc (1 person) ■ 125 cc (2 persons)

OTS Rent-a-car is for driving within Ishigaki Island! But since it is a long awaited chance would you like to try to switch to the first in Japan electric-powered smart scooter【gogoro】to drive northern areas of the island? There are many interesting spots in wonderful northern region that can be discovered during eco-drive it on a scooter! Let's go travel to find this attractiveness in the northern area of Ishigaki Island!

What is gogoro?
This is produced in Taiwan electric-powered scooter with removable batteries! It first appeared in Japan on Ishigaki Island in 2018!
It drives only using 2 batteries! It is possible to drive up to 90 km if the battery is fully charged!
Even from functional aspect it provides powerful acceleration using electric motor! And the sound of driving rather quiet! No exhaust gases and environment-friendly! Unlike low power bicycles you can enjoy refreshing feeling.
Panoramic size sea view is spreading in front of you! Sky! And blowing wind!
Let's experience refreshing eco-drive feeling nature with own body!

Battery can be swapped at 5 charging stations on the island (free!)
If the charge of battery is low exchange it at one of 5 charging stations on the island!
Exchanging is also simple! Insert 2 batteries from the scooter into empty space at the station and only in 6 seconds you can install 2 fully charged batteries that come out automatically into the scooter! Additional fee will not be charged.
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  • One person OK
  • Children OK
  • Pick up service available
  • With meals
  • Required Time
  • in 0 h
  • Payment Method
  • Pre-payment by credit card
Price 50 cc 2 hours or more in 1 day (1 person): ¥2,000
125 cc 2 hours or more in 1 day (2 persons) : ¥3,000
Schedule ■ Book OTS Rent-a-car

■ Arrive to the rental base【e-SHARE Ishigaki NorthGateway】by the rental car
※About 20 minutes by car from New Ishigaki Airport, about 40 minutes by car from Ishigaki Island city area
Due to the distances in the northern area of the island, switch to gogoro at the base focusing on driving experience within the island by rental car!

■ Park your rental car at the base!

■ Rent an electric scooter gogoro with more advantageous price than usual!
・Please tell the name of the person who made a reservation and reservation number at the reception onsite
・The person in charge onsite will gently explain the way of handling and how to drive the scooter.
(During the period of rent it is OK to park a car)

■ Get on the electric scooter! Enjoy it until the time of return.
★ At first go to the battery exchange station! Before driving please swap the batteries at the battery exchange base【GO STATION】near the rental base.
※Ibaruma, entrance to Funakuya fishing port (about 2 minutes by scooter from the this rental base)

Let's go to eco driving to splendid places of the northern area by gogoro!
Start from the base at Ibaruma and run through magnificent dynamic places via Route 206 as a main road to Akaishi and Hirakubo!
(The northernmost spot Hirakubozaku Lighthouse is located in 15 km. It takes about 25 minutes one way)

■ Return the scooter
※The place for return is only the rental base (Ibaruma). It is not possible to return the scooter at another bases.
Things included in the price ■ Electric-powered scooter usage price
■ Battery exchange fee
■ Insurance fee
Meeting Place 〒907-0332
Okinawa prefecture, Ishigaki city, Misakicho 9-1

MapCode :
Meeting Time Rental base【e-SHARE Ishigaki NorthGateway】
Please arrive earlier than the time of reservation.
Important notice It is necessary to show driver's license.
Foreign customers can use the service but International license issued in the resident's country or translated in Japanese driver's license as well as passport are needed to be shown.
※If you can not provide the driver's license it is not possible to rent even if you make a reservation.
※Motorcycle driving license is necessary for driving 125 cc type.

Battery can be exchanged 24-hours a day, but rent and return of the electric scooter is possible only within business hours. Please be careful.
Please note that if the time is exceeded additional fee will be charged for each hour of usage.

・When you park a rental car at this base and rent a scooter please take care of car keys by yourself.
・Additional 1,000 JPY will be additionally charged for parking of a car if the time of rental is more than 24 hours.
Cancellation Policy ◆ Regarding cancellation of the reservation, please contact us not later than within 1 hour before rental start.
◆ If the contact procedures are not executed after more than 10 minutes from the rental start time of the reservation, this booking will be cancelled.
Organizer OKINAWA TOURIST SERVICE Ishigaki Tourist Center Weekdays 9:30 ~ 18:00
Saturdays 9:30 ~ 16:30
Closed on Sunday and holidays