As for reservations of activities on Okinawa「OneTwoSmile ACTIVITIES」
Kerama Islands
Travel together with a Pro Cameraman! Exciting diving & snorkeling tour from Naha, Okinawa ★ Drone Shooting included!
・Enjoy an experimental diving with close-up photography service in the Kerama Islands.
・Please enjoy the extra time by snorkeling.
・You will be accompanied by 2 professional cameramen.
・Film of a superb scene taken by drone included.
・Movies can include fun digital compositing with animated features (JKMC/ JK Magic Composition) for an adult audience.
・Lunch included.

<Plan characteristics>
┗This is a guided tour to the Okinawa Kerama Islands with photo and filming service ♪
┗ We edit the taken photos and videos to create a memorial movie of about 3 minutes in total.
┗ We shoot you the instant of a natural smile when enjoying Okinawa with your family and friends ♪
┗ Movie quality video of the DSLR camera ♪
┗ Dynamic movie & original video montage of the drone captures ♪
┗ You can receive your photos and videos while you are still in Okinawa ♪

<Children can enjoy the『JK Magic Composition』photomontage>
JK Wave's original video (JK Magic Composition) that synthesizes extraordinary motifs (such as dinosaurs, etc.) to images taken with the drone. A very popular option among children ♪
We don't miss to take your heartfelt smile and the unique scenery of Okinawa, thus leaving a special moment of your life to commemorate ♪

<Finished movie delivery method>
★ iPhone → Air Drop
★ Android → LINE
★ Other than the above → Share to URL only on YouTube
※We include the title and BGM (Back Ground Music) you want for your memorial movie.

【Safety notes】
・Veteran instructors will be next to you all the time for [your support & safety management].
・Before diving, there will be a lecture about the activity and the equipment usage and breathing practices on the water.
・For snorkeling, we all wear a wet suit and life jacket to ensure buoyancy.
Photo Snorkeling Diving Guide Tour
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  • One person OK
  • Children OK
  • Pick up service available
  • With meals
  • Required Time
  • in 7 h
  • Payment Method
  • Pre-payment by credit card
Price Up to 5 people (for 2 persons experimental diving): ¥30,000
Additional charge for 1 person (when photo/video shooting 6 persons or more): ¥6,000
Experimental diving [+1 more person] additional charge (when you wish 3 or more participants): ¥10,000
Schedule Schedule:
09:00 Meet directly at Naha fishing port (那覇市沿岸港)
09:30 Departure from the port, filming/shooting starts
10:00 Experimental diving with close-up photography service in the Kerama Islands
    Enjoy the extra time by snorkeling
    Drone memorial photo/film shoot
14:00 Change of clothes
15:30 Return to the port

※ The contents of the guide are subject to change.
Min. of PAX 1people
Things included in the price ・Ship boarding fee for all participants
・Experimental diving fee for 2 people
・Experiental diving guidance fee
・Experimental diving photography/filming fee
・Drone shooting fee
・Digital compositing video with animated features (JKMC/ JK Magic Composition)
・Video editing fee
・Movie production fee
・Lunch fee
・Insurance fee

<Other options>
♦ Drone commemorative video: 5,000 yen (tax included) (Not available in bad weather days)
♦ Social media video publishing service: 30 seconds (with photos) will be provided only one time for 5,000 yen (tax included) during the tour.
♦ LIVE transmission service: Live broadcast on Facebook will be transmitted only one time for 5,000 yen (tax included) during the tour.
♦ Editing service: 10,000 yen (tax included). A basic charge of the video in this plan is about 3 minutes, but you can arrange and edit it at the following times: 1 minute, 5 minutes or 7 minutes.
・DVD production: 1 DVD is 4,800 yen (tax and shipping fee included)
・When shooting from the sky with a drone: depending on the location, an advance application and a flight permission may be required. In these cases, a separate fee will be charged.
Meeting Place 〒900-0001
17-1-3 Minatomachi, Naha-city
Note:Naha fishing port (那覇市沿岸港)

MapCode :
Meeting Time Gather at 09:00 am at Naha fishing port (那覇市沿岸港)
Important notice ※Please understand that local staff will speak only in Japanese or easy English.
・We will check your physical condition before the experimental diving starts on that day. If the instructor deems it's dangerous, you will not be able to participate.

・If you are currently hospitalized or have some medical condition, please contact us in advance.
・The participants for experimental diving must be healthy people between 12 and 60 years old.
・On the day you dive, you will not be able to board an airplane because changes in air pressure will affect your body.
※ Please note that if the ship is canceled due to bad weather, this plan will be cancelled too.
※ For safety reasons, refrain from freediving (skin diving). Also, landing on the island is not possible.
Cancellation Policy ♦ If it is judged that the tour is not possible due to bad weather and hence the reservation is cancelled, NO cancellation fees will be charged.
♦ In case of cancellation due to customer convenience: There will be no cancellation fees for the Tour fee, but you will be charged only for the boat cancellation fee (3,000 yen per person).
Organizer KJ Wave Open: from 08:00 to 19:00
Irregular holidays
Available languages: ja
※ It may be text/photo descriptions