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Yaeyama Islands
【2 Night/ 3 Days Plan】Stay in a Caravan at ★Seven Colors Ishigakijima Paradise★ 2 Meals included: Dinner course & Breakfast.
A new mode of Resort!
Feel the sea, the setting sun, and the starry sky in this hidden resort with your caravan in Hirakubo, the northernmost point of Ishigaki Island.

Surround the Island with a caravan! When you get to Hirakubo, Ishigaki Island's northern part, in the evening, you'll find our lodging area to stay.

Stay in the caravan on the hotel premises as a camp space!
Hotel facilities are available too, so you'll feel right at home!

During your stay...
★ You can use the facility's power supply for your caravan.
★ Seasonal tropical drinks service is available at the hotel front upon your arrival (→until 17:00)!
★ You can use the shower room (bath towel included), toilet and laundry facilities during your stay!
★ Enjoy a full-course dinner using abundant ingredients from Ishigaki Island at the restaurant while overlooking the beautiful sunset and the sea. In the morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast served in front of the clear blue sea on the seaside terrace.
★ Enjoy the sea bathing as much as you want! There are 5 hideaway beaches to discover!
★ Gaze the impressive starry sky! There is no light around at night, so you can enjoy the high purity of the starry sky shining into the dark night! You can also come to the hotel seaside terrace, a magnificent place to see them.
★ You can enjoy the beautiful Sagaribana flowers between June and September. A mysterious flower that can be spotted even in the darkness of the night.
Outdoor Activities Camping Hotel Restaurant Camping (overnight stay plan)
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  • One person OK
  • Children OK
  • Pick up service available
  • With meals
  • Required Time
  • in 0 h
  • Payment Method
  • Pre-payment by credit card
Price 2 night/3 days [6 persons use] ※ per person: ¥50,500
2 night/3 days [5 persons use] ※ per person: ¥53,000
2 night/3 days [4 persons use] ※ per person: ¥57,000
2 night/3 days [3 persons use] ※ per person: ¥64,000
2 night/3 days [2 persons use] ※ per person: ¥77,500
2 night/3 days [1 persons use] ※ per person: ¥118,000
Schedule ■ Go to New Ishigaki Airport's OTS Rent-a-car store for Caravan (camping car) rental procedures.(The rental period of this plan is 2 Night/3 Days)

■ Depart to Seven Colors Ishigakijima
[Facility map code: 1036 007 612] Please use this code when setting the destination on the car navigation system.

■ Arrival to Seven Colors Ishigakijima
Park your Caravan at the facility parking space

■ Proceed to check-in at the hotel front desk (from 15:00 to 18:00)
★ There is a Seasonal tropical drinks service available at the hotel front upon your arrival until 17 o'clock!

Hotel information:
① Dinner & breakfast starting time and restaurant information:
※ Dinner starting time: 18:30 & 19:00
※ Breakfast starting time: 07:30 & 08:00
Please choose the dinner and breakfast starting time from two options, and specify it at the check-in time.
② About the shower room and laundry facilities:
(Available during your stay! shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, dryer, bath towel included)
③ Get info about the 5 hideaway beaches
④ Get info about the facility's power supply

■ Regarding check-out Please return hotel equipment (if there are), such as bath towels, etc. If you consumed any drink during the stay, proceed to the payment. (※ Basically, the check-out procedure is not required)

■ Return the caravan at OTS Rent-a-car of New Ishigaki Airport.
Things included in the price ■ Caravan (camping car) rental fee〈2 Night/3 Days〉
(※ Bedding is available inside the car. There are no toothbrush or other amenities.)

■ Accommodation meals (dinner, breakfast)
※ We cannot change the meal to only breakfast.
※ Meal for infants (0-5 years old) are not included. If you wish to have a meal for your infant, we can prepare a Kids menu dishes with additional charges (dinner: 2,160 yen per person/ breakfast: 1,080 yen).The payment will be at the hotel. When making the reservation, you can select the [Menu for Infants / Kids Plate] on the reservation entry screen.

■ Accommodation facilities and facility use fee
・ Shower room (with shampoo, rinse, body soap, hair dryer and bath towel)
・ Laundry facilities
・ Power supply equipment
Meeting Place 〒907-0244

MapCode :
Meeting Time Important: Please make sure to rent your camping car at OTS Rent-a-car by the time of application.
Important notice ※ Accomodiation Check-in is available from 15:00 to 18:00.
※ The dinner starting time is 18:30 or 19:00. If you arrive at the same time or after, you may not be able to dine.
※ Please refrain from doing BBQ on the hotel premises. There are no barbecue provisions or such services from the facility.
※ Caravan rental fee includes a liability insurance (損害補償保険). Please check the details in advance.
➡ Click here for details

■ In case of 6-12 years old children participation:
Children's price: 5000 yen are subtracted from the adult price.
When making the reservation: 
① Please select the TOTAL number of people Including Children in the reservation [Number of participants].
② Please enter the number of children in the reservation item 【Number of children on board】.
After making the reservation, we will correct the total payment amount.

■ In case of 0-5 years old infant's participation:
The plan fee is free.
When making the reservation: 
① Please do NOT include the infants in the [Number of participants] ※ If you include them in the number of participants, it will be calculated as an adult fee.
② Please enter the number of infants in the reservation item 【Number of infants on board】.

■ About children's safety seat reservation:
If your child gets into the car, children under the age of 6 are required by law to wear a safety seat.
Be sure to reserve beforehand baby seats, child seats or pre-schoolers junior seats when making the reservation. Each seat will cost 1,100 yen. This payment will be proceeded in OTS Rent-a-car on site. 
➡Click here for Child Safety Seats details.
Cancellation Policy 20% of the activity fee will be charged if we receive the cancellation notice from [00:00 of 10 days prior to the activity day].
30% of the activity fee will be charged if we receive the cancellation notice from [00:00 of 2 days prior to the activity day].
40% of the activity fee will be charged if we receive the cancellation notice from [00:00 on the previous day of the activity].
50% of the activity fee will be charged if we receive the cancellation notice from [00:00 on the actual day] .
100% of the cancellation fee will be charged to non-arrival clients or no show (without notice).
Organizer OKINAWA TOURIST SERVICE Ishigaki Tourist Center Weekdays 9:30 ~ 18:00
Saturdays 9:30 ~ 16:30
Closed on Sunday and holidays

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