Introducing Toyota ALPHARD・VELLFIRE


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【Okinawa】Only Toyota Alphard Available

【Hokkaido】Only Toyota Vellfire Available

Fully Dynamic, High-Powered

Fully Dynamic, High-Powered alphard


Transcend the limits


Equipped with the next generation Toyota Safety Sense system


More advanced body design with the combination of top luxury and style.

With a new redesigned front fascia, the car grille gains a complete transformation, displaying exquisite workmanship. Coupled with chrome trim that moves outward to bisect the headlights, the whole look projects a bold and luxurious feel. At the same time, with a more technologically sensible Bi-Beam headlight – daytime running lights and sequential turn signal lights creates a more advanced model with an immense sense of supermacy.

More Advanced!
More Stylish!
Unique sense of presence.

A new look based on redesigned front fascia. The enlarged headlights and the dumbbell-shaped designed on both sides of the car give the vehicle a young and energetic feel, coupled with a cool and modern appearance.

SafetySafety Features

Toyota’s 1st car model that equips with the next generation Toyota Safety Sense provides a safer rider with broaden vision.

Being the 1st in Toyota series, the entire vehicle is equipped with the next generation Toyota Safety Sense that includes lane tracing and an upgraded anti-collision system. These advanced security features assist and promote safe driving.

  • Highway Driving Assist

    Lane Trace Control

    In the next generation Toyota Safety Sense, the Lane Trace Control System assists in maintaining the car position in centerline by giving warning sign display when driver exceeds the white line (yellow line).
    In addition, in situation such as traffic jams whereby the white line (yellow line) is hardly visible, the system will trace the trajectory of the vehicle in front to assist you in driving.

  • Anti-collision Assistance

    Pre-Collision System

    Equipped with the next generation Toyota Safety Sense 「Automated Braking System (Pre-Collision System for pedestrians‧vehicles (day &night)/cyclist (day)」, the vehicle can detect cyclists too.
    Besides during the day, the system is also capable to detect pedestrians at night to reduce the impact of most collisions and prevent accidents.

  • Tracking Assistance

    Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

    With the Toyota Safety Sense 「Tracking assistance component (Dynamic Radar Cruise Control)」,it assists to maintain a preset distance between vehicles and adjusts the speed according to the vehicle in front.

  • Night Vision Support

    Automatic High Beams

    「Automatic High Beams System」 is able to detect headlights and tail lights of preceding vehicles as well as toggle between high and low beams accordingly.

  • Road Sign Assist System

    Road Sign Assist

    The newly launched 「Road Sign Assist System」 in the next generation Toyota Safety Sense, uses the front camera to detect road signs ahead and display the information that driver may missed out when driving.
    The system also provides a visual warning if the driver exceeds the speeding limit indicated on the display screen.

ALPHARD & VELLFIRE are equipped with
「Safety Support car S〈Wide〉」
and 「Safety Support Car」。

Safety Support Car S <Wide>, Safety Support Car are implementation of standard safety support technologies to prevent traffic accidents as initiated by the government.
It helps to reduce the speed caused by pedal misapplication as well as other safety driving aids, which provide safer rides for all including older drivers.

Safety Support Car S <Wide>

Safety Support Car S <Wide>

Automated braking system (for pedestrian collision prevention) / reduce the speed caused by pedal misapplication *1 / Land Departure Alert *2 / High Beams *3
Equipped with Toyota Safety Sense P + Pedal misapplication prevention system

Safety Support Car

Automated Braking System
Equipped with Toyota Safety Sense P
  • These safety systems are equipped to assist the driver’s visual range and cannot be fully relied on. All drivers should drive with full attention and safety.
  • Different car classes are equipped with their respective safety systems.
  • Safety Support Car system can be equipped differently depending on the class and safety system, even for the same car model.

※1.Excluding manual transmission vehicles ※2./Equipped with maintenance aid system ※3.Automatic Adjusting Light Beams,Automatic anti-glare headlights(or adjusting beams for different environment)

Please note that the system cannot be fully relied on.
All drivers should drive with full attention and safety.

  • It is the driver’s responsibility for driving safely on the roads. Please do not be too reliant on the system. For your own safety, please pay attention to the surrounding conditions and drive carefully at all times.
  • Over-reliance on the system may affect traffic safety and likely cause traffic accidents. In severe situations, it may cause injuries or even death.
  • Please read the features and operating methods of each system before driving.
  • For all drivers, please do not use/try the Pre-Collision System automated braking function.

InteriorInterior Design


The wood-grain ornamentation impresses with a design that creates a luxurious and elegant feel.

Feel the interior wood-grain ornamentation of the car, integrated with the top quality leather upholstery. A significant improvement in both comfort and texture.

Spacious comfort incorporating unprecedented luxury and comfort.

Adding wood-grain ornamentation from the original design and enhancing the quality of the leather upholstery create a supreme level of comfort.

Specification of the trunk

Specification of the trunk

Trunk size

Height : 1,170mm
Width : 1,270mm
Depth(max) : 1,480mm
Depth(min): 500mm

Approx. No. of luggage


Sample of luggage size

Length :815mm
Width :545mm
Depth :270mm

Pick-up time

Return time

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Pick-up time

Pick-up time




Return time

Return time







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