LINE Friend Coupon

Limited only to 1 car per booking.

  8,000yen Discount coupon

Coupon code OTSLINECB

Coupon Requirements

Campaign name
LINE Friend Coupon
How to use the coupon
★LINE Friend Coupon!!★

Limited eCoupon for car rental use in Okinawa Main Island! Applicable to 1 car per booking with minimum price of JPY20,000!

Just enter the below eCoupon code into the coupon code field:

※ OTS membership (free) is a requirement to use discount ecoupons.
※ eCoupon can only be used for 1 vehicle per booking with minimum price of JPY20,000.
Applicable areas
Main Okinawa Island
Target plan
All rental plans
Car class
All car class (w/o Camping car)
Coupon distribution period
Oct 13,2019(Sun) 10:00 ~ Dec 26,2019(Thu) 17:00
Car rental period with the coupon
Oct 13,2019(Sun) 10:00 ~ Dec 26,2019(Thu) 17:00
Coupon validity period
Oct 13,2019(Sun) ~ Dec 26,2019(Thu)
Minimum amount per coupon
Limited only to 1 car per booking.
Amount more than JPY20,000yen Enjoy 8,000yen discount
Important notice
・This discount coupon is only usable once.
・For 2 or more vehicles under 1 booking, discount coupon may only be applied to 1 vehicle.
・To use the discount coupon you need a OTS RENT-A-CAR website account.
・You cannot reuse the discount coupon. The coupon can be used only once, by the member.
・You may not use the coupon if the fee does not fulfill the minimum price (\20,000).
・When reserving, please make sure to check if the discount is being applied on the final fee.
If you exceed the usage limit of the coupon, or mistakenly enter a coupon, the following messages may appear. "This coupon does not exist" or "This coupon cannot be used".
・You may not use a coupon if it is not within the validity period.
・You may not reserve your car with the coupon if the rental dates are not within the valid period.
・Please note that if you cancel your car with the coupon after the valid period, you may not be able to re-use the coupon again.
・If cancellation fees are incurred after the use of the coupons, the original car rental fee will be applied.
・The rights to the coupon may not be given to others, changed, or exchanged for money.
・Coupons' usage and restrictions are subject to change/cancellation without direct notice. In the event of change/cancellation of coupon, announcement will be posted on our website.

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