【Okinawa Main Island】Free transfer service at Okinawa Monorail Akamine Station

Customers staying in hotels
near to monorail stations

  • Near Asahibashi Station (Asahimachi, Izumizaki, Higashimachi)
  • Near Tsubogawa Station
  • Near Onoyama Park Station
  • Near Oroku Station

Rent a car after
touring Naha City ♪

Less crowd,

Free transfer service from/to Akamine Station
Convenient car collection at Akamine branch!

Collect car in the afternoon for faster processing time!

Only available for Akamine branch Free transfer service  from/to Akamine Station♪

Save time by taking monorail from hotel

It takes about 10 minutes from Asahibashi Station to Akamine Station.
Customers who are staying in hotels near Asahibashi Station, Tsubogawa Station, Onoyama Park Station, Oroku Station, can take monorail to Akamine Station and opt for transfer service to our Akamine branch.

Convenient drive towards Nakachi interchange

Save more time by driving towards Nakachi interchange and directly up the Highway that leads to the central or north part of the island.
By avoiding the city area and shortening travelling time, you have more flexible time to arrange your journey.

Avoid busy hours by renting in the afternoon.

Touring around Naha City before renting a car is recommended to avoid busy hours. Avoiding crowd also makes the procedure less stressful for your children.

Akamine Station transfer service

  1. STEP 1

    Upon reaching Akamine Station, please head to the “North Exit” 「北口」.

    Upon reaching Akamine Station and exiting the gantry gate, please head to the “North Exit” 「北口」.

  2. STEP 2

    Walk straight and on your right, take the stairs down.

    Please continue to walk straight and on your right, take the stairs down.

  3. STEP 3

    Cross the pedestrian crossing on the left side

    After walking down the stairs, please cross the pedestrian crossing on the left to the shuttle waiting point.

  4. STEP 4

    Look out for OTS staff

    For a smoother process, it is recommended to prepare and inform the staff your booking number.

Things to note

  • Transfer service available from 8:00~18:45 (reservation required)
  • Upon online reservation, please select monorail transfer service. For phone reservation, kindly inform our staff.
  • Reach Akamine Station in about 5 minutes. (Depending on traffic, the shuttle may reach the branch earlier or later than scheduled time.)