Information of JAF Road Service

Using OTS RENT A CAR Reliable service in case of a car problem.
All cars join Road Service. Relief in an emergency!

Details of JAF Road Service

JAFInformation of JAF Road Service

Mechanical Problems Dead battery,flat tire,engine fails to start,broken timing belt,etc.
Human Error keys locked inside,out of gas.
Breakdown Unable to drive due to an accident,trapped wheel or stranding.
Flat Tire Replacement of the spare tire or emergency repairs.
Towing after an Accident Customer bears the cost of towing in excess of 15km.
※JPY730 per 1km after 15km.
Wheel Stuck in a Ditch,Sand,or Snow Extra charge will apply in the need of a crane truck for more than 30 minutes.

※The JAF may not be able to help in some cases. For details see the following “Conditions for use of JAF Road Service”.

In case of a car problem

1.Move your car to a safe place in the event of a car problem.

【On Ordinary Roads】

Park on the shoulder and wait in a safe place behind the guard rail.

【On Expressways】

On expressways and freeways, remember to display the triangle reflector at the back of the vehicle in the event of breakdown or accident.Please wait in a safe place.

2.Call for assistance. (The operator will ask for the following information.)
●Location of the breakdown
On a general road ・Address
・Place name
On a expressway ・Name of expressway
・Direction(between XX Interchange and XX Interchange)
・Kilometer marker(if known)
●Vehicle make,registration number,license plate number and color
●What type of assistance you require(condition of vehicle)

※If you have a GPS function on your mobile phone or you can get GPS information from the car navigation system,please provide it.

3.Rescue call(use the following methods)
Calling Roadside Assistance(nationwide 24 hours a day)
From a
mobile phone,
phone or public phone


Phone charges apply (Fixed phone: 10JPY per minute, mobile phone: 10JPY per 20seconds)

※Calls cannot be made from PHS phones and some IP phones.

※When calling from a mobile phone, charges cannot be qualified as a “free minutes call” included in the basic fee.

Speed Dial #8139

Phone charges apply

※Calls cannot be made from a fixed phone [Dial phone] and some IP phones.

Telephone Numbers

Hokkaido Call Center … 011-857-8139

Kyushu Call Center … 092-841-5000


You can also send an e-mail from a PC or mobile phone.

JAF web site:

JAF mobile site:

Expressway emergency phone

Linked to the relevant expressway company

Expressway emergency phones are linked to the control room at the relevant expressway company. Ask for JAF. Please note that if you ask for a company other than JAF, you must pay the charges for that company’s road service.


Persons with hearing or speech impairment may use fax.



Conditions for use of JAF Road Service

Road Service may not be available in the following cases,even if your vehicle is of the applicable type.

1.Legal restrictions
・Illegally modified vehicles and vehicles without license plates.
・If the driver is driving illegally,for example after drinking.
2.State of the vehicle
・Vehicles with special types of key,or opening locks that are not related to operation of the vehicle.
・Vehicles that cannot be towed or transported or vehicles with gross weight of more than three tons.
・Towing or transport of vehicles with no place of delivery,and long-distance transport.
・If hazard or damage may result to luxury goods, perishable goods, or dangerous goods as a consequence of the Road Service.
・If dangerous work is involved,or the work is impossible with the vehicles and equipment owned by JAF (in these cases,we will endeavor to find a suitable contractor).
3.Weather,fire and other geographic situation
・No-go areas and areas impassable to vehicles.
・Areas where it is difficult to operate a vehicle due to snow,flooding,etc.
・Areas where danger area is expected.
・Some islands.

Requests to customers using JAF Road Service.

In case of a breakdown or accident on the road, display the triangle reflector in order to prevent secondary accidents.
Expressways and freeways are very dangerous.Wait in a safe place behind the guard rail for the service vehicle to arrive.
Working on expressways and freeways can be very dangerous.Please note that service personnel may need to take safety precautions which can be time consuming.
3.Confirmation of identity
Service personnel may need to see your driver’s license or vehicle inspection certificate in order to confirm your identity.
4.Contacting third parties
Where rescue involves the use of space or property belonging to a third party,please contact the relevant party to obtain consent.
5.Costs incurred by service vehicles
Customer bears the cost of any expenses incurred by service vehicles including parking fees,and ferry boarding fees.
6.Puncture repair
Emergency repair of punctures may not be possible onsite.Please ask when service is available.
7.Peak hours
During heavy rain or snow,or outbreaks of fire when demand for service increases,it may be difficult to make a phone connection,and the service vehicle may take a long time to arrive.

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※Collision Damage Waiver & JAF Road Service are standard service for all vehicles.

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