The road of OKINAWA

The road of OKINAWA

1.Bus lane

During the regulated periods, only buses, taxis, motorcycles, and designated and permitted vehicles can use the bus lane. General vehicles are prohibited.
The regulated times are the mornig and evening commuting times everyday except Saturday, Sunday, holidays, and January 2 to 3.

2.Kokusai-dori Transit Mall (Priority road for pedestrian)

  • General vehicles are prohibited and the street is crowded with outdoor cafe and street performances between 12:00 p.m. and 18:00 p.m. on every Sunday.
  • Please make sure of road traffic regulation if you drive around on the day. Also, if you go to the Transit Mall by your car, please park your car in the parking lot near the Mall.
  • The priorty road can be canceled because of poor weather or other events.

Kokusai-dori Transit Mall (Priority road for pedestrian)