【Okinawa Main Island】Introducing Toyota Camry


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Enjoy safety & comfort

Luxurious Car

Enjoy safety & comfort

Symbol of purpose for driving
Exuberant Appearance

※Car colour is only available in pearl white.

Alluring Sensual Interior Design

※Car seats made of fabric material



Drive with contentment and excellent fuel efficiency

Whether you are speeding or driving on a highway,
the ride is equally exhilarating.

Exquisite performance and fuel efficient

Presenting a new and innovative technological driving experience.

【THS II*1】 is operated with 2.5L 4-cylinder engine + Hybrid system.

The newly developed 2.5L 4-cylinder engine combines high thermal efficiency and high output efficiency. The evolving hybrid system is not only small and light but is also equipped with high-efficiency technology. With this combination, it provides an exquisite operating performance with fuel efficiency.

Fuel Consumption Rate
  • *1.THSⅡ:Toyota Hybrid SystemⅡ
  • Fuel consumption rate is the value under the specified test condition. Fuel consumption rate varies according to customer’s usage environment (weather, traffic jam etc) and driving method (sudden departure, air conditioning etc).

It is equipped with the top quality 1, low fuel consumption, with dynamic performance, environmental friendly 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. An all-new engine with high compression ratio and long stroke. In addition, high-efficient intake valves with enhanced exhaust and new in-line injectors not only speed up combustion but also boost its efficiency. The valve switch VVT-iE 2 is also equipped together in the engine that enhance response and achieve high output efficiency─ maximum thermal efficiency of 41%, resulting in an improvement of both fuel economy, engine output and emission performance.

  • *1.X grade class:Similar engine displacement car comparison(Plug-in hybrid cars) based on July 2017 survey from Toyota Motor Corporation.
  • *2.VVT-iE:Variable Valve Timing – intelligent by Electric motor

A Comfortable Ride

Early warning on low pressure tires

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Low center of gravity, High stability

Low center of gravity design

Easy operation, Exceptional comfort

Front & Rear suspension system


Advanced safety technology that put passengers at ease

Safety Support Car S <Wide>,
Safety Support Car

Safety Support Car S <Wide>, Safety Support Car are implementation of standard safety support technologies to prevent traffic accidents as initiated by the government. It helps to reduce the speed caused by pedal misapplication as well as other safety driving aids, which provide safer rides for all including older drivers.

Safety Support Car S <Wide>

Automated braking system (for pedestrian collision prevention) / reduce the speed caused by pedal misapplication *1 / Land Departure Alert *2 / High Beams *3
Equipped with Toyota Safety Sense P + Pedal misapplication prevention system

Safety Support Car

Automated Braking System
Equipped with Toyota Safety Sense P
  • These safety systems are equipped to assist the driver’s visual range and cannot be fully relied on. All drivers should drive with full attention and safety.
  • Different car classes are equipped with their respective safety systems.
  • Safety Support Car system can be equipped differently depending on the class and safety system, even for the same car model.
  • ※1.Excluding manual transmission vehicles ※2./Equipped with maintenance aid system ※3.Automatic Adjusting Light Beams,Automatic anti-glare headlights(or adjusting beams for different environment)

A high-precision 【 pair of eyes】 that oversee the car front, recognition of vehicles and pedestrians.

4 types of innovative safety systems to pursue safety (Toyota Safety Sense P).

“Toyota Safety Sense P” is a system that use millimetre-wave laser radar and an in-vehicle camera to detect pedestrians or obstacles in front of the vehicle to prevent accidents from happening. 【Front-grille-mounted radar】 can detect any possibility of collision even when the distance is far or the speed of the car is fast. On the other hand, 【Detecting Camera】 can detect objects of different shapes and sizes, car lights as well as pedestrians. Equipped with these 2 special features, this powerful sensor system is one that you can trust.

  • The picture (Toyota Safety Sense P) is for illustration purpose only

Always providing the latest technology for safety

Prevent collisions while parking
and reverse parking

misapplication prevention system
(with anti-collision function)

Function to ensure rear sight is clear when changing lanes.

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)

All-round LED to provide clear view

Bi-Beam LED Headlights (with Automatic Adjusting Light System) + LED high beam + LED daytime running light


Providing a comfortable ride with in-car equipment

Furnished with the latest map intelligence GPS navigation system, it is easy to operate and provides a clear screenview

With internet connection, it provides convenience by giving the latest maps and information, such as newly opened roads.

Privacy windows coated with UV protection

(Rear doors and rear windows) Comfortable ride made possible even with the intense sunlight in Okinawa.

Introduction of Storage Spec

Size of Trunk

Max. width of trunk:1,680mm
Length of trunk(normal):990mm
Length of trunk:1,150mm

Size of Storage

2(in case of 5 passengers)

Example of luggage size

Height :815mm
Width :545mm
Length :270mm

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