【Okinawa Main Island】Toyota Estima



Most Advanced Evolution

has ample space created in harmony of
sophistication and playfulness!
Ride the new ESTIMA and experience it yourself.


Created with style,
quality and modern interior

Uniform black interior. Use of synthetic leather with embellished texture mainly on the dashboard.
Horizontally decorated with satin ornament that creates more spacious feeling.


Fine and smooth touch.

Pursues an open and bright interior space.
It uses fine leather and thick and firm seats providing passengers comfort even forlong period of travel.

Look up to the sky,
and take a break

Enjoy the feeling of openness while cruising with the panoramic moonroof and sunshade.

air flow

Equipped Nanoe air purifier releases moisture for fresh air flow that’s also pleasant to the skin and hair.


Features second row seats with long sliding range and footrests. Reborn into relaxing wide VIP room.

Easily get on and off
in narrow spaces.

Electric sliding doors. Can be operated easily with wireless remote smart key.

Open and close
in one touch.

With one touch on the switch, easily open and close the rear door.

Advanced safety features were equipped
keeping the safety and comfort of passengers.

Assists in your driving by confirming road safety ahead

Toyota Safety Sense C Pre-Collision System

Avoid possible collision and reduce the impact of a collision

The Pre-Collision System

Lane departure alert system helps keep the vehicle in the lane.

Lane Departure Alert System

Increase visibility in the night for detecting pedestrains

Auto High Beams

Ensure safe driving distance from vehicle in the front

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

SRS airbag system protects
occupant from impact
in the event of collision

  • SRS Airbags
  • SRS Side Airbag
  • SRS Knee Airbags
  • SRS Curtain Shield Airbag

Shape of excitement
beyond imagination.
Travel with Esti-mind.


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