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Sightseeing spot with a warm heart, Ehime
The area is divided into 3 large parts of Nanyo, Toyo and Chuyo. The feature of Ehime prefecture are differences in dialects and festivals. There are a lot of sightseeing spots like Dogo onsen or Matsuyama Castle. Recently, situated along the sea Shimanami cycling road in Setochi that allow you to cross the sea on bicycle first in Japan, has become popular.

Matsuyama・Dogo onsen・Chuyo area

Dogo onsen

Matsuyama・Dogo onsen・Chuyo area
The spot where you can actually enjoy hot springs and culture!
Dogo onsen has a long over 3,000 years old history loved by many guests from the old times. In addition to the hot spring, you may enjoy strolling streets and atmosphere near Dogo onsen wearing yukata. There are a lot of sightseeing spots within Matsuyama city like Matsuyama Castle, Saka no Ue no Kumo Museum, Tobe Zoological Park of Ehime prefecture. Steam Botchan Ressha riding the city streets is also popular.

Imabari・Shimanami Kaido ・Toyo area

Shimanami Kaido

Imabari・Shimanami Kaido ・Toyo area
Enjoy interactive activities!
The full length of Setochi Shimanami Kaido cycling road is 70 km. Therefore a lot of people who like cycling from Japan and abroad come here. In Toyo are the highest peak of Western Japan is located.A lot of visitor arrive every year to climb Mount Ishizuchi. Saijo Festival carried out in October of every year. You may see over 150 dedicated decorative portable shrines and Mikoshi.

Uwajima・Nanyo area

Uwajima Castle

Uwajima・Nanyo area
Watch beautiful sea and touch the history
Uwajima Castle located in castle town of Uwajima, has one of 12 donjons existing at present. Bullfights carried out several times per year, and local dishes are cooked with fresh suberb sea products. Uwakai located in Nanyo let you enjoy the beautiful view of interweaving coral reefs and tropical fish in the sea. Many divers like this place and consider it mecca of scuba diving.