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Terms and Conditions of Travel (Domestic Arranged Tours Limited to Accommodation Services)

These Terms and Conditions of Travel are explanatory documents pertaining to terms and conditions of transactions stipulated in the Travel Agency Law Article 12, Paragraph 4. When the Travel Contract limited to accommodation service for Domestic Trips (defined in our Travel Agent Contract Article 2, Paragraph 2) is concluded, Terms of Conditions of Travel shall become a part of the contract stipulated in Article 12, Paragraph 5, under the same law. Terminologies defined in our Travel Agent Contract, Arranged Tour Section (hereinafter referred to as the “Travel Agent Contract”), shall also be used in these Terms and Conditions of Travel.

Article 1. Arranged Tour Contract
1. Travels applicable to these Terms and Conditions of Travel shall be accommodation services at accommodation facilities in Japan arranged for travelers by Okinawa Tourist Service Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Our” or the “Company”) as an intermediary.
2. In the Terms and Conditions of Travel, the “Tour Contract” shall be defined as the contract in which we arrange accommodation facilities as an intermediary upon travelers’ inquiries so that the travelers may receive accommodation services (inclusive of incidental services).
3. The contents and conditions of the Tour Contract shall be based on these Terms and Conditions of Travel and our Travel Agent Contract.
Article 2. Subscription of Travel and Establishment of Tour Contract
1. Travelers who wish to conclude the Tour Contract with the Company shall create a reservation through the following subscription process without being charged the subscription charge:
(1) Subscribing in the method specified by us on the online reservation website “OneTwoSmileHOTEL” (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) operated by us.
2. The establishment time of the Tour Contact shall be as below:
(1) When a reservation is made at the Website, the Tour Contract shall be deemed to be concluded at the moment when the traveler requested a reservation in agreement with these Terms and Conditions of Travel and the contents of the Tour Contract, conditions of travel, etc. presented on the Website’s page listing the reservation contents (hereinafter referred to as the “Contents Page”), and we approved the said request. Immediately after approving the said reservation request, we shall display the confirmation of the reservation on the Website.
Article 3. Subscription Conditions
1. We shall display the contents listed below at the Contents Page, and these contents shall be considered as a part of the Terms and Conditions of Travel.
1) The accommodation facility and the contents of services to be provided
2) Travel itinerary
3) Travel fees and other expenses that normally arise in accommodation service
4) Conditions and charges pertaining to cancellation and alteration presented by the accommodation facility, and additional conditions pertaining to cancellation and alteration of other Tour Contracts
5) Special precautions for safety and health at destinations of travel, if applicable
6) Other tour conditions
2. Travelers shall subscribe to travel upon sufficiently understanding and agreeing to the conditions listed in Paragraph1 of this Article, the Terms and Conditions of Travel, the Travel Agent Contract, and the Terms of Use.
3. When the Tour Contract is concluded, we shall display the reservation contents listed on Paragraph 1 of this Article on the webpage where the traveler may confirm the contents of the said reservation (hereinafter referred to as the “Confirmation Page”).
Article 4. Presentation of Explanations or Contract of Terms and Conditions of Transaction in Writing
We shall display, instead of providing physical document, the information included in these Terms and Conditions of Travel (inclusive of the information described in each item of Article 3, Paragraph 1, which is provided on the Contents Page and the Confirmation Page. The same shall apply in the following Paragraph), and travelers must view these upon making a reservation. Travelers shall agree with the abovementioned method of notification of the contents of the contract.
Article 5. Payment of Travel Fee
1. Travel fees consist of the accommodation fee and other expenses to be paid to the accommodation facilities pertaining to the Tour Service arranged by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Accommodation Fees”, usually inclusive of service charge and consumer tax) and travel arrangement service charge set by us (exclusive of handling charges for alteration and cancellation).
2. For those travels based on these Terms and Conditions of Travel, travelers shall make payment of the Accommodation Fees by selecting a method from the available payment methods at the Contents Page.
1) Making payment directly to the accommodation facility at the time of stay.
2) Making credit card payment to the Company based on the Communication Contract stipulated in Article 6.
3) Other methods, if specified on the Contents Page.
Article 6. Communication Contract
1. “Communication Contract” shall be the Travel Contract concluded upon online subscription of travel with the credit card member (hereinafter referred to as the “Card Member”) of the credit card company (inclusive of cases where the Company is affiliated with the credit card payment settlement substituting agents) affiliated with us (or other tour arranging agents stipulated in the Travel Agent Contract Article 4) on the condition that the Company receives travel fees, etc. through the Card Member’s credit card without his/her signature on the provided invoice.
2. Under the Communication Contract, travelers shall abide by the below conditions besides these Terms and Conditions of Travel of a standard Travel Contract.
 1) Card Members shall inform the Company of the card holder’s name, the membership number, the expiration date of the card, etc. at the time of the subscription.
 2) The settlement date of payment or reimbursement for travel fees, etc. based on the Communication Contract (“Date Card Used”) shall be as below:
  1. Travel fees payable by the Card Member: the day the contract is concluded.
  2. Additional charges payable by the Card Member: the day we inform the Card Member of the amount of such additional charge.
  3. Reimbursement payable by us: the day we inform the Card Member of the amount of reimbursement payable by us.
3. There may be cases where we do not accept the Communication Contract if the credit card payment cannot be settled.
Article 7. Alteration and Discretional Cancellation of Travel Contract by the Traveler
1. Travelers may cancel whole or a part of the Travel Contract at any time.
2. When travelers request alteration in the travel itinerary, the contents of accommodation service, or other contents of the Travel Contract, his/her existing reservation shall once be canceled and the new reservation shall be made with revised contents.
3. The traveler shall request the cancellation described in the preceding Paragraph at the Confirmation Page of our Website. However, when the cancellation cannot be processed at the said webpage, the traveler shall directly contact the accommodation facility to request such cancellation.
4. The traveler shall be required to pay the cancellation charge, the penalty charge, etc. arising from the cancellation described in Paragraph 1 of this Article, abiding by the cancellation policy presented on the Contents Page. The same shall apply for no-shows. Also, the presented cancellation policy shall, in principle, be based on the accommodation agreement of accommodation facilities; however, in the event of a conflict between the said cancellation policy and the accommodation agreement due to a special agreement concluded with the accommodation facility, the presented cancellation policy shall prevail over such accommodation agreements.
5. When the traveler cancels the Travel Contract described in Paragraph 1 of this Article, the traveler shall pay us the handling charge for cancellation of travel arrangement service set by us.
Article 8. Cancellation of Travel Contract due to Causes Attributable to the Company
Travelers may cancel the Travel Contract when the accommodation arrangements become precluded due to causes attributable to the Company.
Article 9. Responsibility of the Company
1. The responsibility of the Company shall be limited to the arrangement described in Article 1, Paragraph 2, unless a special contract is concluded.
2. In the course of implementing the Travel Contract, we shall be responsible for compensating for the damage on the traveler caused by us or by our travel arrangement agents intentionally or negligently, but only in cases where the notice is given to us within two years from the day immediately following the day that the said the damage occurred.
3. In cases where the traveler suffered damage due to causes beyond the control of us or our agents that arrange tours on our behalf (“Tour Arranging Agent”), such as natural disasters, maelstroms of war, civil commotions, suspensions of Tour Services by accommodation facilities, cancellations of reservations due to overbooking by accommodation facilities, orders from government and other public agencies, among others causes, we shall not be held responsible for compensation.
4. With regards to damage caused to travelers’ baggage as described in Paragraph 2, notwithstanding the provision of the said Paragraph, we shall compensate up to the ¥150,000 maximum limit amount per traveler (except in cases where the said damage is caused due to our willful or gross negligence), only if we were notified of the said damage within 14 days in the case of Domestic Trips and within 21 days in the case of Overseas Trips, respectively, counted from the day immediately following the day that the said damage occurred.
Article 10. Responsibility of the Travelers
1. When the Company suffers damage due to willful or gross negligence of, or infringement of laws or public order and morality by travelers, we reserve the right to request the traveler to compensate us for all the entirety of the said damage.
2. When the Traveler concludes the Arranged Tour Contract, the traveler shall be required to make efforts to understand the contents of the Arranged Tour Contract such as the rights and obligations of the traveler, etc., by utilizing the information we provide.
3. In order for the Traveler to receive the Tour Service as described in the Contract Document after the start of the Tour, the Traveler is required under Article 4, Paragraph 1, or the contract document described in Article 4, Paragraph 2 (hereinafter referred to altogether as the “Contract Document”) to immediately report to us, our Tour Arranging Agents, or the Service Providers of the said Tour Service on-site, in the event that the Traveler realize that the Tour Service offered is different from that described in the Contract Document.
As of September 1, 2015
Registered Travel Agency No. 155 approved by Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency Active Member of Japan Association of Travel Agents 1-2-3 Matsuo, Naha-shi, Okinawa Okinawa Tourist Service Incorporated

Note: This Terms and Conditions of Travel (Domestic Arranged Tours Limited to Accommodation Services) is in Japanese, and this is the English translations of the original text. The Japanese language text shall prevail in the event of a conflict between the Japanese version and the English version.