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Hareranman Okayama Travel
Okayama prefecture is told to be "The land of clear sky" because in prefectural capital the number of days when precipitation is less than 1 mm is the largest in the whole country. Since there is a small number of rainy days it is easy to plan a sightseeing, and a advanced highway road is right in the entrace of Chugoku and Shikoku area, it is convenient to travel.

Okayama・Ushimado・Bizen・Tamano area


Okayama・Ushimado・Bizen・Tamano area
The central spot in Okayama. Enjoy shopping and activities!
Starting from Okayama Koraku-en which is one of Three Great Gardens of Japan obtained a favor of Michelin Guide, Japanese Aegean Sea, holy place of lovers, so called well-known "Ushimado", popular for Bizen ware "Bizen" and another spots of Okayama culture are concentrated in this area. A large shopping mall is located in front of the station so it is perfect for shopping.

Kurashiki・Soja・Ikasa・Takahashi area

Kurashiki River

Kurashiki・Soja・Ikasa・Takahashi area
This is the area where you may enjoy Japanese traditions and culture
This is the area where popular in Okayama prefecture sightseeing spot "Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter" is located. Bikan Historical Quarter is a sightseeing spot with nostalgic and fashionable streets. It is recommended to stroll this area in kimono or yukata. In castle town Takahashi you may see Bitchu Matsuyama Castle with the highest in Japan tower. Between October and March at daybreak you may see a fantastic shape of the castle floating in a sea of clouds.

Mimasaka Santo・Nishiawakura・Hiruzen area

Okutsu Onsen

Mimasaka Santo・Nishiawakura・Hiruzen area
A place to enjoy seasons and hot springs of Japan
Starting from well-known in Okayama 3 hot springs "Mimisaka Santo", there are a lot of popular hot springs and secret hot springs here, and this area is especially popular because of large number of hot springs that have positive and preeminent effects to a skin. In addition, since you may have experience of four seasons of Japan enjoying cherry blossom at spring, fresh verdure at summer, autumn leaves at autumn and ski at winter, you may arrive at any time. This area is very popular among couples and families.