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Search from facility type

Different accommodation hotels corresponds to different goals of the trip.
We introduce hotels, ryokans, guest houses, cottages and another facility types.


Almost all of hotels in Kagawa prefecture are belongs to "City hotel" or "Business hotel" categories."City hotel" is a large hotel type that located in central urban area and provides banquet halls and restaurants.

A lot of "Business hotels" are situated near the station, and this hotel type is smaller than city hotel with cheaper accommodation options.A lot of these both hotel types are located in front of the station.

Ryokan (Japanese inn)

"Ryokan" or Japanese inn corresponds to an accommodation facility with futon (bedding), tattami, bathroom and another facilities in Japanese style. Some ryokans allow you to enjoy hot springs, while others are sightseeing spots itself.

"Konbira hot spring" in a temple town of Kotohira-gu, "Shionoe hot spring" with 1,300 years history, "Shodoshima hot spring" on Shodo island floating on a surface of Seto Inland Sea and another popular spots are located here.

Another accommodation facilities

There are various accommodation facilities in Kagawa prefecture such as [Minshuku・Pensions], [Guest Houses], [Cottage],etc.

[Minshuku・Pensions] are accommodation facilities operated in ordinary houses.Enjoying a cooking which contains plenty of local ingredients in a homely atmosphere is one of the attractions of this type of accomodation.

There are many Pensions and Minshukus in the famous island of Naoshima famous for its art, and other islands around the Seto Inland Sea area.