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Prefecture of udon noodles and arts. Kagawa prefecture
Called as "The prefecture of udon" this place is well-known for Sanuki udon with strong taste. There are a lot of popular udon restaurants, and a lot of enthusiasts come here to try. Setouchi International Arts Festival conducted on Setouchi islands supports arts, while varios restaurants and eating spots are also gathered in the area.

Takamatsu・Tosan area

Ritsurin Park

Takamatsu・Tosan area
Sightseeing of urban parks, a base to travel Setouchi islands
Making the main point of your visit Ritsurin Garden that was selected as a place of special scenic beauty of Japan, you may also see Yashima which is a theater of The Genpei War and another places in this area.. You may visit Naoshima, Shodoshima and entrance to another Setochi islands. Hot springs are also available and the popular one is salon "Shionoe Hot Spring" in Takamatsu.

Kotohira area

Konpira spa

Kotohira area
Come to Konpira and refresh your soul and body.
If climb 785 stone steps of road approaching to the main shrine, you will find known as a place of sea of god Kotohira-gu. There are a lot of historic and culture spots on the way, so you will enjoy the walking itself. In front of the gates here is Konpira spa with charming standing in row houses. Get healed from the tiredness of your travel.

Shodoshima area

Shodoshima Olive Park

Shodoshima area
Visit the island where angels rest
If go for 30~45 minutes by a highspeed boat from Takamatsu port, you can reach Shodoshima which is the 2nd largest island in Seto Inland Sea. The well-known for olive trees has a small number of rainy days throughout the year, and since climate is mild this place is perfect for sightseeing. The rise and fall of the tides make sandy "Angel road" appear. You may also enjoy one of 3 places of scenic beauty of Japan "Kankakei", hand-pulling somen noodles and another products with hot springs.

Marugame・Sakaide area

Magugame Castle

Marugame・Sakaide area
Enjoy stone walls of Japan and a local delicacy Honetsukidori
Sakaide is located at the Shikoku entrance of Great Seto Bridge that connecting Honshu and Shikoku. There are several spots where you can enjoy view of Great Seto Bridge. In Marugame area you will find Magugame Castle with highest walls in the whole country that was chosen as 1 of 100 proud places of Japan, and Honetsukidori dish you definitely will become addicted to once you try to bite it with excitement.