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The hotel you will stay in depends on the purpose of the trip.
Resort hotel, city hotel, business hotel or condominium type
We introduce various types of hotels.

Resort hotel

Resort hotels are the most popular hotel types. Filled with restaurants and pools, as well as relaxing spas and other facilities, you can enjoy an extraordinary time fit for the holidays.

There are hotels with private beaches where you can enjoy marine activities and hotels equipped with golf areas. There remains many traces of nature in the northern section of Okinawa Island and Onna village. There are also popular hotels in remote islands such Ishigaki island.

City hotels

[City hotels] are large hotels that located in the middle of the city and have restaurants or meeting places. In Japan Imperial Hotel, Hotel Okura, Hotel New Otani and others are into this category.

With many rooms, and different types of rooms such as single, double, and twin rooms, many types of guests, such as foreigners, travelers or families use this.


Good for families and large groups of guests, we recommend the convenient and spacious [Condominium] type.

As the rooms are large, the bedroom is generally separated from the living room and there is kitchen, it is good for staying short and long term.

Business hotels

[Business hotels] are often used by businessmen on business trips, and it is smaller size and costs less than a city hotel. Many hotels give you simple service, and some of those have banquet room and restaurant which is not so large.