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Basic information

Name of the Hotel
TEL/FAX TEL:0980-88-7111  FAX:0980-82-7054
Check-in 15:00 ~ 22:00
Check-out 11:00
Luggage storage before check-in. Luggage storage is available before check-in.
About bed-sharing This accommodation is free for bed-sharing children with 0 to 5 years old.

Facilities and amenities common for all rooms

Facilities・Services Free WiFi Toll parking lot Indoor pool Outdoor pool (open in summer) Foreign money exchange Clothing dryer Shop, convenience store Restaurant・Dining room Connecting room Gym Launderette (paid service) Lounge Smoking area Delivery service Beach Spa Vending machine
Facilities common for all rooms Free Wi-Fi TV Refrigerator Air-conditioner Electronic hot pot Modular bath Washlet toilet Hair dryer Tea set Baby crib (rental, reservation required) Stroller (for rent, reservation required)
Amenities common for all rooms Shampoo Conditioner Body soap Face towel Bath towel Shaving razor Toothbrush set Hairbrush Makeup cotton Nightwear Slippers Kids' toothbrush

Important notices

Acceptable Cards
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Barrier-free services ・Accessible toilet・Wheelchair (rental)・Accessible bathroom・Accessible guest room・Wheelchair accessible shower