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Easily set your desttination with Mapcode and Navicon.

Car navigation system!
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You are ready to drive off, but in an unfamiliar place, you do not know the way to get to your destination …

This is when the car navigation system is the most convenient. All you have to do is to set your destination in the navigation system, and drive according to the directions given.

But there is a problem here.

How to set your destination?


To set the destination in navigation system, one would usually enter the name or address of attraction or search by telephone number.

If your destination is a new facility and not yet registered in navigation system, there will be no search result or the incorrect destination might be set.

This is when MAPCODE is the most convenient.

What is MAPCODE?

MAPCODE is the unqiue number for attractions across Japan. MAPCODE can be applied on the Web and mobile phones. You can use the APP to search for, and set your destination on the navigation system.
Search and use of MAPCODE is free of charge.

to search for MAPCODE conveniently♪


Use NAVICON mobile phone app to search for MAPCODE NAVICON is the mobile phone app to search for MAPCODE Pinpoint your destination on the map, and MAPCODE will be displayed Input the MAPCODE displayed into navigation system and the GPS is set.

We recommend that you download NAVICON APP to your mobile phone before travelling.

Download the application here!

Download app for iPhone.

App Store

Download app for Android.

Google play

How to use NAVICON

How to use NAVICON. No.1

You can search your destination by keyword or address using the search field above or by scrolling the map.

※As there are places that are not registered in foreign languages, it is recommended to search your destination by scrolling the map and “Drop Pin” to find out the Map Code.

Once you found your destination, center the red plus sign (┼) on your desired location and tap the 「Drop Pin」 field below the map.

How to use NAVICON

Pinpoint/drop pin on your destination and a MAPCODE will be displayed.

Input the displayed MAPCODE in the GPS and you’re set.

※Data sharing/sending capability of NAVICON cannot be used as our GPS units do not have data receiving function.



  • ・After the destination has been set in NAVICON, please turn off NAVI at the entrance or road side.
  • ・Please park vehicle in a safe place before using NAVICON.
  • ・Please avoid private lands and unauthorized sites.
  • ・Comply to traffic rules and drive carefully.