We have collated a list of OTS Rent-a-car Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A).
If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to this page.
If you still cannot find the answers here, please feel free to contact us via the chatbot at the lower right corner, email or call our office directly and we will be happy to serve you.

Available qualifications

1I am a newly-licensed driver less than 1 year. So can I rent a car?
Yes, you can. In this regard, you need to bring symbol of a newly licensed driver for people who have Japanese driver licenses.
2Can I rent a car with provisional driving license?
We are sorry that we may not be able to provide a car for you if you have a provisional driving license. Please make sure that you also do not drive the car rented by people with driver’s licenses.
3I have international driver`s license, can I rent a car?
Yes, you can drive using your international driving license under some conditions. For details, please click here.
4If I forget driver’s license, can I rent a car?
We are sorry that we cannot provide a car if you don’t show your driver’s license at the time of renting a car.
5Can I rent a microbus with a driver’s license for medium sized vehicles less than or equal to 8 tons?
You need a driver’s license for large-size vehicles. People who have medium-sized vehicles without less than or equal to 8 tons.
6Can our pet ride in the vehicle?
Yes you may but you will need to confirm the contents of the following consent form, sign it and submit it to our counter staff upon car pick up.
Consent form


1What kind of information do I reserve the rent-a-car?
Needed information as in below. Rental and return date and time, Rental and return location of our branch, your requested class of car, driver’s name, phone number (*the number on which you can be contacted on the day), flight numbers, and optional equipment with or without (Example: Child seat etc.).
2How can I modify or cancel my booking?
In case of change or cancellation, please contact the rental office where you made your booking. Please note that any changes cannot be made for bookings applied with “Advance Booking Promo”.
3Can only people who drive a car on the day reserve rent-a-car?
You can reserve our rent-a-car if you don’t drive on the day. However, since we get your reservation with “Clear indication of driver” upon our Terms and Conditions for Rental, please make sure who’s the driver before making the reservation.
4Can I choose the type of car when I take a reservation?
Basically we receive your reservation with a specified car class. Please note that though we may get such reservation as your request, we may not meet your requirements or we will provide the same class car as a replacement on the day.
5Can I rent a car on a rental day?
Reservation on our website via the Internet is to 7 p.m. the previous day. About taking reservation on a rental day, we will make a discount same as our original website by phone. Please note that we don’t provide campaign prices only for our website by phone.
6Do I need to arrange my driver by myself?
Please arrange your driver by yourself if you need a driver. The Japanese law prohibits that the staff who belong to rent-a-car company drive and introduce drivers.
7Are all your cars automatic cars?
Yes, all our cars are automatic.
8Do you have micro-bus for rental?
Yes, we have. Please contact our branch where you will rent a micro-bus directly since there are the branches that don’t provide the bus for you.
9Can I take a reservation for optional equipment, as exemplified by child seat?
Please take a reservation for optional equipment at the same time as reserving rent-a-car. You can make a reservation for a baby seat, child seat, and junior seat.
①Baby Seat Age(New born to 1 year old), Weight(Up to 10kg), Height(UP to 75cm)
②Child Seat Age(6 months to 4 years old), Weight(Up to 18kg), Height(Up to 100cm)
③Junior Seat Age(4 to 6 years old), Weight(Up to 32kg), Height(Up to 135cm)
Click here for details.

※According to Japan Traffic Rules Article 71-3 paragraph (3), it is mandatory for children below 6 years old to use a car safety seat while traveling in a car.
We may refuse to rent out even if it’s already reserved if you don’t have the required car seat for your child(ren).

10Can I return the car at your other branch?
Yes, you may return the car at our different branches within the main island of Okinawa.
11Do you have the transfer service to airport?
Yes, we have. Though we don’t provide the car delivery service to the airport and hotel, you may get to the Rinku-Toyosaki branch by our free shuttle bus at the shuttle bus station of rent-a-car companies in Naha airport (domestic and international). Miyako and Ishigaki branches also have free shuttle buses to the airport.
12Where can I take OTS shuttle bus in Naha international airport?
Please pass through the customs and go to the exit. Then, our staff will wait for you with a placard showing “OTS Rent-a-car” there. Please say your name and reservation number. After that, our staff takes you to our branch by our shuttle bus.
13Does the rental price via your own web site apply any other discount?
Our rental price via our web site has already applied our web site discount. So the price doesn’t apply any other discounts.
14Can I ride with pet animals in the rented car?
Yes, you can. But please use a cage for the pet animal. If in-car cleaning is needed, we may demand Non-Operation Charges (N.O.C.) as cleaning charge from you.
15Can I rent a car after shop hour?
For customers who arrive at Naha airport 7 to 8 p.m., we can lease a car for you only in Rinku-Toyosaki branch. After-hours fee is per a car. Since advanced reservations required for rental, please contact with us within hours open (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) on the day and let us know your phone number on which you can be contacted on the day. We prepare our shuttle bus in time with your arrival flight. If the flight change, please contact us within hours open.

※The above off-hour service is not available for the time being.

16Can I return the car before shop hour?
You, you can. You may return the car to only Rinku-Toyosaki branch before hours open from 6:30 to 8:00 a.m. Before-hours fee is per a car. Since advanced reservations required for rental, please contact us within hours open (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) on the day and let us know your phone number on which you can be contacted on the day.

※The above off-hour service is not available for the time being.

Before departure

1What do I need to bring on the day?
On the day you rent, you need to bring:

  1. Driver’s lisences (bring all drivers’s) or documents for drive in Japan.
  2. Cash or credit card for payment.
2What do I do if I am late for reserved rental time?
You must contact our branch where you rent in the event of being late. If you don’t contact us in this case, your reservation will cancel an hour after the rental estimated time and we cannot provide your reserved car.


1When do I pay rental charge?
You will pay basic price of cars and Collision Damage Waiver etc. at the time of car rental. Any excess or deficit fee will be calculated when you return the car.
2Can I pay by credit card?
You can pay a charge with our affiliated credit cards or cash. For payment by credit cards, we accept only one-time charges.
3Can I pay by electronic money?
Yes, you can pay by Edy as know as one of the electronic money at this time.
※This service is not available in Chitose Office from 1st April.
4How do you calculate the rental charge?
Our rental charges accept a length of using a rent-a-car and class of vehicles.

Insurance and coverage

1Do I need to take out Collision Damage Waiver?
You are conditioned on taking out Collision Damage Waiver via our original web site.
The charge of estimate and reservation via our original web site always includes Collision Damage Waiver. ≪What is Collision Damage Waiver?≫
2Please tell me the briefing about Collision Damage Waiver?
Our company will waive your responsibility for the damage involved, caused by collision or rollover, provided that you accept Collision Damage Waiver at additional fees at the time of rental.
3Could you tell me about Non Operation Charge (NOC)
N.O.C. will apply as part of the compensation for loss of use which will arise out of non-usability of the rented vehicle during the repairing or cleaning period in the following cases and if OTS Rent-a-car is not responsible for those: “Traffic accident”; “Theft”; “Broken down”; “Stains”, etc. This charges will be the same regardless of the degree of the damage and the time required for repair.
≪For more details of N.O.C.≫
4Are insurance and coverage applied to a number of drivers?
Yes, it is. If the drivers who don’t show documents (driver’s lisence) for driving in Japan before departure get an accident, inssurance, coverage and any other protections don’t apply for them. Please note that you must show your driving lisence and documents for driving in Japan when you rent a car before departure.

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