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Rent a car in Hokkaido with OTS Rent-a-car

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  • Travel in Hokkaido
  • Travel in Hokkaido

【Important Notice】

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▲2019.4.1 Up date▲

【Important Notice】

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Updated Jul.01,2019

To our foreign visitors, At OTS Rent-a-car, our friendly staff are looking forward to serving you.
English speaking staff are also available to assist you from making a reservation, registration and when you encounter difficulties.

Renting a Vehicle in Hokkaido During Winter

Hokkaido exclusive promotions

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Our offices in Hokkaido

Our offices in Hokkaido are conveniently located and easily accessible from airport and transport terminals.
We provide free airport pick-up services, and offer car pick up at various locations.

Car return at a different branch can be arranged!

Drop-off to Chitose airport office and Hakodate office can be arranged.

※On rare occasions, we may refuse above arrangement if cars dropping off at different locations exceeded the maximum limit.

Popular Car Model Ranking

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