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LOISIR HOTEL NAHA Review average[3.8Point]: All listings are government-licensed.

Address:3-2-1, Nishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Parking lot:Available. 1,800 yen per night per car
About 7 minutes by car from the airport! Good location near the beach and tourist facilities.
Approximately 7 minutes by car from Naha Airport, equipped with a natural hot spring that flows directly from the source and an indoor and outdoor pool.
It is a full-service resort that combines a conference room and a banquet hall, which can be used in various situations with 4 restaurants and bars.
There is also a full range of services that even small children can use with peace of mind.
You can actively enjoy Okinawa for business, groups, family trips and sightseeing. We will do our utmost to support a safe, secure and enjoyable trip.
Standard Twin [East Building / Annex]
Standard Twin [East Building / Annex]
[Twin room with an emphasis on functionality]
A Hollywood twin type guest room with the image of the sea and sun of Okinawa.
It can be used by up to 3 people.
Deluxe twin room
Deluxe twin room
[Twin room with balcony where you can enjoy the location of the Bay Area]
A twin room designed in the image of the sea of Okinawa.
Rooms with balconies allow you to enjoy a relaxing time while feeling the Okinawan breeze.
It can be used by up to 4 people.
Japanese-style room
Japanese-style room
[Modern guest rooms with Ryukyu tatami mats]
A Japanese-style room with Ryukyu tatami mats and 2 beds.
It can be used by up to 4 people.
Indoor "Kur-Pool"
Indoor "Kur-Pool"
You can swim every day in spring, summer, autumn and winter!
Excellent thalassotherapy effect!
Indoor pool of natural hot spring.
Outdoor pool (open in summer)
Outdoor pool (open in summer)
Popular amongst children! Swim here from 10:00 to 21:00.
We also accept inflating floats in the facility.
There is also a hot water jacuzzi.
An important moment that comes true in a chapel where smiles gather. The stage where we swear love is under the blue sky surrounded by the green wall.
Approximately 100 types of food - breakfast buffet
Approximately 100 types of food - breakfast buffet
In addition to the standard breakfast menu, we also have a wide variety of arranged dishes and rice that incorporate Okinawan ingredients!
We offer it on a daily basis.
Miegusuku Hot Spring“SHIMANCHU no Yu”
Miegusuku Hot Spring“SHIMANCHU no Yu”
A natural hot spring that is rare in Okinawa.
Please enjoy a relaxing time by incorporating the blessings of natural hot springs born from the sea of Okinawa into your mind and body.
Bar "Planete"
Bar "Planete"
At bar, "Planete", original cocktails using Okinawan fruits and Tropical cocktails are very popular. Look down at the night view from above the highest floor, and enjoy a wonderful time.

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Basic information of the hotel

Basic information

Name of the Hotel LOISIR HOTEL NAHA
Address 3-2-1, Nishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Access [Car] About 7 minutes from Naha Airport (via Naha Umisora Tunnel-West Coast Road)
[Yui Rail] Get off at "Asahibashi" station and walk for about 15 minutes
TEL/FAX TEL:098-868-2222  FAX:098-860-2000
Parking lot Available. 1,800 yen per night per car
Total guest rooms 551 rooms
Check-in 15:00 ~ 2:00
Check-out 11:00

Facilities and amenities common for all rooms

Facilities・Services Indoor pool Outdoor pool (open in summer) Large communal bath Sauna Shop, convenience store Restaurant・Dining room Various massage services (paid service) Launderette (paid service) PC corner We accept FAX Cleaning service Delivery service Bar BBQ garden Toll parking lot Free WiFi Foreign money exchange Hot spring Smoking area
Facilities common for all rooms Free Wi-Fi TV Satellite broadcasting Refrigerator Air-conditioner Safety-deposit box Electronic hot pot Desk lamp Air cleaner (rental Modular bath Washlet toilet Hair dryer Tea set Humidifier (rental)
Amenities common for all rooms Shampoo Conditioner Body soap Face towel Bath towel Shaving razor Toothbrush set Hairbrush Nightwear Slippers

Important notices

Acceptable Cards
  • american-express-straight
  • american-express-straight
  • american-express-straight
  • american-express-straight
Barrier-free services ・Accessible toilet・Food allergy (reservation required)・Wheelchair accessible・Wheelchair (rental)

※Barrier-free facilities and the range of services that can be provided vary depending on the accommodation facility.
To thoroughly enjoy your stay, please check directly with the hotel.
Other notices ※※Information for the security enhancement of the East Building [Annex] ※※

For security reinforcement, we lock the front entrance of East building from 22:00 to 06:30.

※From the front gate interphone you can contact the front staff. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

※※Paid Facility Information※※

You can use the Miegusuku Hot Spring“SHIMANCHU no Yu”(large communal bath, sauna pool) the first time for \1,500 for adults and \750 for children (tax included) during your stay.

As an accommodation privilege, there is no charge for the Miegusuku Hot Spring“SHIMANCHU no Yu”admission ticket (large communal bath, sauna, pool) plan.