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Travel Okinawa with ease staying in a guest house♪

It is good to stay in a hotel, but after 2-3 times when you get used to this, would you like to try to stay in guest house?
Maybe you could get rare information and good news from owner or another guests you stay together with.
In regarding to a request of meeting with various people... This time we introduce guest houses!

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Guest House Chihuahua
1-237 Miyagi, Chatan-chō, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken
【Chatan town】 30 secons from Miyagi Coast! Guest house in good location
Chatan town with the atmosphere of America floating in the air. This renewed 1-building guest house is located in such residential area.
Spend time on Okinawa with the local atmosphere that you can not feel in downtown area. Our staff that likes sea very much recommends to enjoy sunset view walking on promenade near sea shore, strolling, snorkeling, diving and others♪
★★ Due to anniversary of OneTwoSmileHotel we announce a special price during campaign 4/1~4/23 ★★
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Guesthouse Sunset Hill Bise
1779-1, Bise, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
【Motobu town】 Convenient guest house for sightseeing of the northern areas.
Since this facility is joint to "Acchan's Salt Factory" that use 100% natural sea water, you can try an experience of salt making (reservation is necessary). From the roof of the guest house located in Motobu where the nature is abundant, you may enjoy sea coast and beautiful starry sky. Using rental car, you may reach typical Okinawan natural sea shore in about 3 minutes (10 minutes on foot)! You can spend the whole day at the shore sumptuously.
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Guest House Lough Style
2111-5, Ishikawa, Uruma-shi, Okinawa
【Uruma city】 Though this is a private room the price is affordable♪
Recommended for guests who like guest houses but not fond of shared rooms. All rooms are individual but the price is the same as for shared room. Guests who want to spend comfortable and lazy time on Okinawa not in the area of Naha city, or guests who wants to stay in place with a beach located within walking distance, feel the local atmosphere during long stay.
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GuestHouse Chura Cucule Ishigakijima(Guest house Chura kukuru Ishigakijima)
23, Arakawa, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa guranvirakukuru Ishigakijima 1F
【Ishigaki island】 Feel the warmth of interiors made with using of combination of traditional and modern materials.
Speaking about guest houses it is bunk beds, but here is BOX type... You can have a rest like in your hidden space. In addition separate and group rooms are also available so you can choose in according to your idea. "Chura Cucule" means "Beautiful space" in Okinawan language.
How about enjoying nature and culture of remote islands in "Chura Cucule" during long stay?
GuestHouse Chura Cucule Ishigakijima(Guest house Chura kukuru Ishigakijima) view the details

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