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Enjoy both♪ Pool & Large Communal Bath

Enjoy both the pool and the large communal bath cheap☆
After you play at the pool, let's go to the spa and large communal bath♪

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Mahaina Wellness Resort Okinawa
1456 Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Yamakawa, Okinawa
After swimming slowly in the indoor/outdoor pool, have some slow time in the Mahaina Saline bath ♨
The hotel garden pool is a spacious size of 30m. There's also a fun kids pool with a fountain♪
The indoor pool is a 20m X 6.25m pool in a glass-sided building where the sunlight shines in.
After swimming to your hearts content, heal yourself in the relaxing "Saline bath" known to be good for Neuralgia and Rheumatism.
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Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa
1490-1, Kise, Nago-shi, Okinawa
Recommended for people who want to enjoy the pool and spa!
One of the largest pools in the prefecture, boasting a whole length of 170 m.
There are also deep pools until 2.5 m deep, and shallow pools (60 cm) for children prepared. Furthermore, there is a 47.5 m long water slider, and adults to children can enjoy.
After lots of swimming , watch the sunset sink into the east china seafrom the Jacuzzi or sauna. Enjoy your relax time until your hearts content.
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Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa
148-1, Bise, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
After enjoying the pool, indulge in the view of Ie island as you bathe♪
You can use the indoor pool all year around, and we also have a kids pool with a slide!
For our outdoor pools we have a wave pool and a 4.2m kids slider.
The "Infinity Pool" that looks as if it is connected with the sea is also grand. (Reserved for Club Wing stayers)
In the natural hot spring [Jurassic Spring "Chura Umi Spring"] view the emerald green sea and the view of Ie island in the horizon. heal yourself at your own pace. (Paid)
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The Beach Tower Okinawa
Okinawa prefecture, Nakagami district, Chatan town, Mihama 8-6
A great outdoor natural hot spring pool and large communal bath for people who've come to Okinawa for the first time♪
This is a rare facility, in fact the first facility in Okinawa to have combined a warm pool with a natural spring. The outdoor pool shallow-side is 80 cm and the and the deep side is 1 meter.
In the adjacent Chura spring night healing pool, you can enjoy the hot spring while having fun in the pool.
After swimming, refresh yourself in the large communal bath (safe and clean unmodified natural hot spring).
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