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Privacy policy

Okinawa Tourist Service (called "us" as follows) observes law (called "the Personal Information Protection Law" as follows) or other relations laws and ordinances about protection of personal information to protect personal information that had you contribute from visitor about our "OneTwoSmileHOTEL" to provide (called "this site" as follows) and observes this privacy policy.

1.Overseas transfer of information

Information of visitor is transferred to country (or the metropolis and districts, other local governments) becoming outside the jurisdiction of personal information protection connection laws and ordinances in residence country (or the metropolis and districts, other local governments) of the visitor concerned and may be saved. When visitor lives outside Japan and sends information to us, we transfer personal information to Japan and handle in Japan. When it was considered that visitor consented for this privacy policy with visitor having transmitted personal information, we would consent about overseas transfer of information at the same time.

2.The acquisition of personal information

We acquire personal information in the following cases.

When visitor registers in this site and is based on act associated with other above when visitor participates in our administration,
campaign to manage when we accept inquiry about all information book sites provided as follows in this site by visitor including information full name (including furigana), address, phone number (including cell-phone, FAX), e-mail address, carrying e-mail address, company name, group name, department name, post, the office location, information about other contact information, nickname, the date of birth, sex, credit card information that are sponsored when we change, request

3.The use of cooperation and personal information with outside service

We are connected to account of outside service (called "outside service" as follows) that third party runs by visitor consenting in this site and can cooperate.
About information that visitor provided for outside service, please be careful in privacy policy of outside service being applied according to each not thing under the control of us.

4.Use purpose of personal information

We use personal information with chisel in the following objective ranges. In addition, we may not use personal information across this range when there is agreement of the person and unless it is detected by laws and ordinances about Personal Information Protection Law or other personal information.

  • Offer of various services for members
  • Delivery of news with this site, various communication
  • Administration of this site, storage of temporary backup for management
  • Communication, shipment to various campaigns, application reception desk to en quete and target person
  • Information distribution such as news to member
  • Advertisement delivery in this site top
  • Investigation, inspection to run this site safely
  • Answer to opinion, inquiry about this site
  • For correspondence to inquiry about this site, request
  • To send important notices such as changes of our agreement, condition and policy.
  • In addition, for purpose associated with the use purpose mentioned above.

5.Third party offer of personal information

We may not offer personal information to third party unless it is accepted by other laws and ordinances when visitor agrees beforehand.

When we merge between third party and transfer an important part or all of our purchase or other business, we may transfer personal information of visitor to the third party concerned, but, in that case, shall act as us so that secrecy is maintained according to condition of this privacy.

6.Safety management of personal information

We wear leak, loss of personal information again, and we take measures for prevention or other safety management of loss and perform education for our employee and carry out personal information protection thoroughly.

7.The use of statistics information

That we collect data of form that cannot identify individual and make use of this though we provide more useful information for our visitor as statistics information and our website, which part of this site may take advantage of understanding surutamenadoni whether it is interested most. Statistics data are considered not personal information in this privacy policy.

8.This service may use other techniques such as Cookie and pixel tag or web beacon about Cookie and other techniques.

Though it is better, and we understand trend of visitor, these techniques are helpful and know which part of our website people visited and promote effect of advertisement and web search and evaluate. Visitor that Cookie wants to be destroyed, please destroy Cookie by changing setting of Web browser. But you may not use some functions of this site when you destroy Cookie.

9.Requests such as use objective notice, disclosure, correction, suspension of personal information

We accept about disclosure of notice of use purpose and personal information, correction, addition of contents or deletion, suspension or removal, stop of offer to third party at the following window. When there is proposal from the person, after checking which had you report being the person or the agent, we cope according to fate of laws and ordinances and reply by document or email.

In addition, we may not attach to proposal when proposal does not meet requirements that laws and ordinances determine or when there is reason admitted that we refuse disclosure by Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and ordinances.

10.Inquiry window

We accept proposal such as disclosure, opinion, question, complaint, inquiry about the handling of other personal information at the following windows.

【our personal information protection management department】
The Okinawa Tourist Service head office general affairs department
3-48, Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa  TEL 098-840-2501

11.Governing law and the exclusive agreement jurisdiction

Governing law of this privacy policy assumes Japanese law and, about all disputes are caused by this privacy policy or to be related, does Naha District Court with exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.

12.Continuous improvement

We review the operational situation about the handling of personal information appropriately, and we shall try for continuous improvement and may change this privacy policy as needed. We may not reduce user rights based on this privacy policy without explicit permission of user. In addition, we place in this page on the occasion of change of this privacy policy and act to announce by clearer method in the case of large change.

When there is disagreement about term of Japanese sentence privacy policy and English privacy policy and zhongwen privacy policy Korea sentence privacy policy or sentence, we decide official, to give priority to this, and to apply Japanese sentence privacy policy.

The above
As of July 1, 2017

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