As for reservations of activities on Okinawa「OneTwoSmile ACTIVITIES」

Favourite activities

Exciting Activities in Jungle!

Okinawa Activities are not only in the SEA!
We recommend exciting Activities in Jungle.
Okinawa'n unique Nature will definitely refresh you!
Of course include plans at the "Yambaru" that was designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

Recommended! Fun even for under 5!

If you have young children with you, sometimes you can't enjoy your activities as much as you'd like.
The plans introduced here are recommended even for children under 5 years old. Please enjoy together with your family.
Note: Depending on the age of your children, there are some plans you may not be able to participate in, so please check the permitted participant ages for each plan.

Fun activities for short stay in Okinawa!

Since you're in Okinawa... You don't want to waste even a little time!! Recommended for active people like you.
A ranking for activities you can enjoy to the full even if you only have a short time.

Recommended Activities for WINTER Period Only!

We may perceive Okinawa as a summer tourist destination, but there are also unique Winter events and activities you shouldn't miss!!!
Specially, 【Whale Watching】 is a TOP Activity during Winter in Okinawa.

☆★☆★ Check below for【Whale Watching】plans ★☆★☆

Ishigaki Island recommended plans♪

There are many islands in Okinawa, but this time we would like to introduce you various exciting plans in the popular Ishigaki Island.