As for reservations of activities on Okinawa「OneTwoSmile ACTIVITIES」
【Summer limited plan】First time on Kise Beach! ! The Floating Water Park: Aqua Park ♪

Limited period: from April 1 to September 30, 2023.
You can play all day!
You can play during the operating hours. Recommended for families as it can be enjoyed by adults and small children together.

Every year the playground equipment is renewed. We have a wide variety of marine playground equipment.

It's an activity where you will move a lot, so you "may have some muscular pain on the next day!". For those who do not do exercise regularly, be careful~ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ!

Apart from the Aqua Park, other marine activities are also available!
If you want to play in the Okinawa sea, come to Marine Club Berry!

Marine Sports Sea Bathing
  • 05/20

  • 05/21

  • 05/22

  • 05/23

  • One person OK
  • Children OK
  • Pick up service available
  • With meals
  • Required Time
  • in 0 h
  • Payment Method
  • Pre-payment by credit card
Price above 6 years old: ¥2,500~¥3,000
2 years old - 5 years old: ¥500

Reception inside the Kanehide Beach Palace Hotel, at Marine counter on the 1rst Floor.

Enjoy Aqua Park (Mini Aqua Park only for toddlers)

Changing rooms and showers are available (free of charge)

Finish whenever you want.

Age 2years old ~
Min. of PAX 1people
Things included in the price

Aqua Park usage fee
Shower fee
Changing room fee
Life jacket fee

Meeting Place 〒905-0026
1F Inside Kanehide Kise Beach Palace Hotel, 115-2 Kise, Nago-shi, Okinawa.
Note:free parking spaces available

MapCode : 206 413 799*01
Meeting Time

・ The price is for a daily pass. You can use it within business hours (9 o'clock-18 o'clock), you can decide when you start and finish.

【Reception place】
Inside Kanehide Kise Beach Palace Hotel
at Marine Counter on 1rst Floor (Marine Club Berry)

Important notice

・Please bring a towel and change of clothes.

【For high school students and above】
All areas of the Aqua Park are available.

【From 6 years old to less than primary school child】
Children below primary school must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
A maximum of 2 children per adult guardian is allowed.
All areas of the Aqua Park are available.
※ Guardian also must pay

【From 2 to 5 years old】
Children with 2 to 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
A maximum of 2 children per adult guardian is allowed.
Available only for the Mini Aqua Park area.
※ Guardian also must pay

● The activity may be canceled due to sea waves or weather conditions.
● Due to the material of the inflatable water park, it is easy to slip and you may fall down. Constant swaying of the inflatable on the water is part of the attraction, but for persons with some chronic disease, the symptoms may get worse due to the instability, in this case, please refrain from participating.

Wet suit rental is available (extra charge).

Cancellation Policy

100% of the cancellation fee will be charged to non-arrival clients or no show (without notice).

Organizer MARINE CLUB Berry Kise Open 7 days a week            
9:00am to 6:00pm.
Available languages: ja cnh ko en
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