From making your reservation to renting vehicles

1.Making your reservation

You are welcome to contact us for the reservation of vehicle.

Please provide the following information for us to assist you with the reservation.

2.Free airport transfer service / Walk-in

Airport transfer service for customers with arriving/departing flight is available free of charge.
Please check below for details.

You are welcome to visit our branches by walk-in if you do not wish to use the free transfer service.

3.Rental procedures and payment method

All rental procedures will be completed at our branch. Please bring along these documents.

After completing the procedures at our branch, please pay the estimated rental charge (up-front payment is required)

4.Before departure

After completing the vehicle briefing, check if there are any scratches or dents on the car with our staff before departure. You are not required to fill the gas tank as all rented car come with a full tank of gas.

5.Returning / Prescribed penalty etc.

Please fill the gas tank when you return the car. Fill the tank at the nearest gas station before you return the car. After returning the car, our staff will check the car and record actual running distance.

*If you do not fill the tank when you return the car, the prescribed fuel charge depending on mileage will be charged.

Please contact the branch where you rent the car from in advance if you decide to rent it longer. *Please note that a prescribed penalty will be charged if you overrun your scheduled rental hours without prior notice.

6.Free transfer service (After returning the car)

We have free transfer service from each branch to airport. Don’t hesitate to ask to our staff.