Information on Insurance and Compensation

Information on Insurance and Compensation

1.Insurance and Compensation

The customer (the renter and the driver at the time the vehicle is handed over) will be responsible for paying any damages he/she causes to a third party or OTS Rent-a-car as a result of an accident.Insurance coverage is provided to cover liability for damages up to the maximum amount listed in the chart below.Deductibles however, will be borne by our customer.

Compensation for third party bodily injury
(Bodily Injury / Death)
Unlimited Include Automobile Liability Insurance.
Compensation for property damage
(Damage to Car / Object)
Unlimited Driver needs to cover up to 0yen.
Compensation for automobile
(Damage to Rent-a-car)
Unlimited Driver needs to cover up to 100,000yen.
Compensation for bodily injury
(Bodily injury / Death)
30 million yen Up to 30 million yen per passenger applied only during driving.

※Coverage will be provided to passengers bodily injury caused by an accident (incl. death and permanent disability), regardless if the driver was at fault.
(Maximum coverage of 30 million yen: calculated based on criteria from the insurance contract and includes the cost of treatment.)

2.What is Deductible

Deductible is the amount that the customer must pay out of own pocket before the insurer will waive any property / vehicle damage caused.

【Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)】(per 24 hrs incl. tax)

Our customer will be waived from paying any liabilities arising from property damage in case of an accident.However the system may apply only to the first accident in case of multiple incidents (more than 2 accidents) in the same car rental contract. The customer may not add or cancel C.D.W. after completion of the contract.

Okinawa area JPY1,650(All vehicle classes)
JPY2,200(Truck / Micro bus)
Hokkaido area JPY1,650(All vehicle classes)

3.Non-Operation Charge (N.O.C.)

The customer will be responsible for paying OTS Rent-a-car for part of the lost revenue when the vehicle requires repair or cleaning due to an accident, theft or damage (not attributed to the fault of OTS Rent-a-car) shown in the chart below, regardless of the extent of the damage or how long the repair work takes.

Vehicle in movable condition (possible to drive back to rental office) JPY20,000
Vehicle in non-movable condition (impossible to drive back to rental office) JPY50,000
  • ※N.O.C. is tax-free.
  • ※The customer will be required to pay this amount even if enrolled in the vehicle and personal damages protection plan.
  • ※The customer is reponsible for paying towing charges, etc. if applicable.
    →OTS Safety Pack Series compensates N.O.C. >For more details

4.Instances not covered by insurance

Insurance coverage will not be provided in case of an accident caused by the following conditions or driving habits.

  1. Driving while intoxicated or driving without a license.
  2. Tyre damage, flat tyre or loss of wheel cover.
  3. Failure to notify the police from the scene of the accident.
    (if an accident certificate from the police cannot be obtained.)
  4. Failure to notify the rental car outlet from the scene of the accident.(if accident occurs after our office hours, please notify the rental outlet first thing the next morning.)
  5. When not wearing a seat belt while driving.
  6. When a friendly settlement is reached with others involved in the collision.
  7. When operating the vehicle off of normal roads, such as on the beach, river bank or forest.
  8. Damages caused by misusage / mishandling of the vehicle.
  9. Driving with more than the maximum number of passengers allowed.
  10. An accident caused by someone other than the driver or the co-driver on the rental car agreement.
  11. Damage to the interior of the vehicle.
  12. When using the vehicle in violation of the conditions stated in the rental car agreement.
  13. An accident excluded from the liability coverage of the insurance agreement.
  14. Other incidences of serious driver negligence.(speeding or running a red light, etc.)
  15. Loss of keys.

OTS RENT A CAR Enhanced compensation system! Safety and Reliability!

※Collision Damage Waiver & JAF Road Service are standard service for all vehicles.

※OTS Safety Pack Series is an optional compensation.