Stay as if living here・・~Whole day whole building rental lodging~【Kurashiki/Higashi-Awakura】 - Okayamahotel reservationOTS

Stay as if living here・・
~Whole day whole building rental lodging~

In Okayama you can "enjoy" the differences of each season, with the popular tourist destination "Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter", and the wealth of natural beauty "in between the mountains and the fields in Higashi-Awakura"♪ Make memories with 3 generations of your family, seminar trips, girls' holidays, and together with good friends...

Farmhouse Inn Fukuya
1439-2, Ushiroyama, Mimasaka-shi, Okayama
A place of stay for enjoying lazy time off in the land between the mountains and the fields
Learn normally unencountered countryside knowledge, with fun in the rivers and barbeques, snowfights in winter, and maybe even some work on the farm, at "Higashi-Awakura", the most easterly area of Okayama prefecture. You can "enjoy time off in between the mountains and the fields".
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