Stay in Yubara Hot Spring withfamous "Sunayu" ("Sand bath") of "Nishi no Yokozuna"Included in the list of open-air bathes! - OkayamaHotel reservationOTS

Stay in Yubara Hot Spring with
famous "Sunayu" ("Sand bath") of "Nishi no Yokozuna"
Included in the list of open-air bathes!

"Sunayu" bath is filled with preeminent sense of openness and surrounded by giant dam. Mixed is possible 24 hours a day and in addition convenient for ladies rental "bathing wear" is also available! Alkaline simple hot spring makes skin looks smooth and beautiful♪ Enjoy Yubara Hot Spring town leisurely and with comfort! Bathes for hands and feet are also recommended!

Hotel Kikunoyu
16, Yubaraonsen, Maniwa-shi, Okayama
The origin of Sunayu. In "Kikunoyu".
In "Yubara Hot Spring" there are a lot of natural hot springs and this place heals people from old times.
"Kikunoyu" is located in the closest place to "Sunayu" which situated at the dam bottom and depending on the season various events are being held!
Spend funny time and make memories with family or together with companions♪
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Yubara no yado Komeya
345-18, Yubara-onsen, Maniwa-shi, Okayama
Try pastime that you can not experience in everyday life here in "Komeya".
This place is a little distant from Yubara HotSpring, but you can spend comfortable time with bathes 100% filled from the source, enjoyment of local dishes and the best hospitality. Higher rank for special days. Make regular day a bit exceptional! The concierge in charge of surprises will help you with gratitude♪
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Yukai Resort Terunoyu
1429-2, Toyosaka, Maniwa-shi, Okayama
Ideal for girls trip also! "Terunoyu" hotel with buffet♪
The hotel with an idyllic feeling like you return to your birthplace. Spend time slowly and without hurry here. If listen carefully you can hear river murmuring, wind blow and heal your soul and body... Feeling rural air and nature fully, come to "Terunoyu" to charge yourself with the power for the next day♪
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