Okayama Furumachi (Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings) Report ②【Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter】volume - Okayamahotel reservationOTS

Okayama Furumachi (Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings) Report ②
【Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter】volume

In addition, "Kurashiki Haruyoi Akari" illumination in Bikan quarter performed several times a year at night each season creates fantastic and outstanding atmosphere of town streets. Stay in Kurashiki and enjoy scenes without haste♪

1-1-44, Chuo, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama
Large wooden painting ”Large World Fence・Kon” is in the lobby of "Munakata Shikou"!
From strong bonds and trust to the founder of this hotel "Soichiro Ohara" who understands and supports his good points various objects of art are collected in "Munakata Shikou print collection" from adjoined "Ohara Museum of Art" so please enjoy watching them also. How about this type of enjoying the place where you can feel the connection between Munakata Shikou and Kurashiki?
Kurashiki Royal Art Hotel
3-21-19, Achi, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama
Reconstructed from rice granary French restaurant "Hachikengu" in the important cultural property "Ohashi House"!
In the restaurant constructed from former rice granary built about 220 years ago fully enjoy the atmosphere overflown with emotions of Kurashiki and original French cuisine wholeheartedly cooked by the chef. Moreover, connected with the hotel "Ohashi House" built as traditional townhouse with specific beauty of Kurashiki is designated as the important cultural property. It is plain but you definitely should take a look at elegant specific beauty of the architecture of traditional townhouse in Kurashiki.
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