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Hotel & Restaurant On the Beach Lue Review average[4Point]: Licensed-number:北保1086

Address:2626-1 Sakimotobu, Motobu-chō, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa-ken, 905-0225
Parking lot:Available (45 cars for free) ※First-come-first-served basis
Hotel & Restaurant On the Beach Lue
Be inspired with the location! Natural beach right in front of your eyes.
Walk the beach before breakfast. Search for crabs with your children. Enjoy sunset view at the horizon like in movies. Staying guests are all different. We always receive this kind words from our guests: "An excellent place where you can walk on seashore whenever you want from the morning, read book on a beach, swim in water and watch sunset".
Terrace seats are on the beach!
Terrace seats are on the beach!
You cab use them from breakfast to BBQ dinner within restaurant business hours
2018 summer OPEN! It is "panari building"
2018 summer OPEN! It is "panari building"
Enjoying the view of setting sun and sound of waves, have the barbecue with large amount of meal.
Condominium building from sea side
Condominium building from sea side
There is a windbreak forest between sea and the building
Atmosphere of old America. Comfortably enjoy your dishes while observing sea view.
Rib steak
Rib steak
Of course Okinawa soba and Goya Chanpuru offer menu mainly on western dishes and child menu, too. We are proud of meal which is reasonable, and is volume perfect score.
680 yen ...
Setting sun over the horizon
Setting sun over the horizon
This scenery can be seen from the beach in front of Lue
Breakfast. Western-style set menu
Breakfast. Western-style set menu
We serve breakfast (770 yen) only after reservaton. To make a reservation please contact front desk until 21 o'clock on the previous day. Menu is decided by hotel. We are very sorry for the inconvenience if we can not serve dishes you chose. Menu can change.
We add to koinrandoripanari building. 
We add to koinrandoripanari building. 
[dryer, washing machine for each six perfection]

Washing machine: 50 minutes 200 yen
Dryer: 60 minutes 300 yen
Detergent: It is 100 yen for once  

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Basic information of the hotel

Basic information

Name of the Hotel Hotel & Restaurant On the Beach Lue
Address 2626-1 Sakimotobu, Motobu-chō, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa-ken, 905-0225
MAP CODE 206 707 580*51
Access Shirokawa bus station №65・Honbu Hanto line (Honbu mawari) / From Naha airport by Okinawa expressway (any lines), follow national highway №58 and national highway №449 about 90 minutes
TEL/FAX TEL:0980-47-3535  FAX:0980-47-5686
Parking lot Available (45 cars for free) ※First-come-first-served basis
Total guest rooms 24 rooms
Check-in 15:00 ~ 22:00
Check-out 11:00

Facilities and amenities common for all rooms

Facilities・Services Beach Restaurant・Dining room Vending machine Launderette (paid service) We accept FAX BBQ garden Free WiFi Free parking lot Smoking area Kitchen
Facilities common for all rooms Free Wi-Fi TV Refrigerator Air-conditioner Air purifier Modular bath Hair dryer
Amenities common for all rooms Shampoo Conditioner Body soap Face towel Bath towel Shaving razor Toothbrush set Slippers

Important notices

Acceptable Cards
  • american-express-straight
  • american-express-straight
  • american-express-straight
  • american-express-straight
  • american-express-straight
Barrier-free services ・Parking space for the disabled
Other notices [Amenities]
Hotel type: bath towel, face towel, soap, rinse and shampoo, tooth brush, razor, yukata
Condominium: solid soap
※We do not provide amenities in condominium type. Pay rental is possible.
Restaurant is closed on every Thursday. Room service is not provided.
[Check in]
If check in time is later than 22 o'clock you have to contact the hotel.
If you would like to request breakfast please call us until 21 o'clock of the previous day. Please do not hesitate to call.
[Ages considered as infants]
Applicable for preschool infants (younger than elementary school children). 1~6 grades of elementary school are considered as children.
3 years old or younger children are considered as infants (4-12 years old guests are considered to be children).
Thursday is a regular holiday for restaurant. We do not provide room service.
◎ Other ◎ Depending on reservation contents we can give information that does not correspond to some of reservation details. In this case, priority is for room type and plan.
Settlement for EDY is also possible (charge is not possible)