Rent-a-Car User Instruction

Traffic Rules in Japan

Left-hand Traffic!

Basically, Japan has a left-hand trafficsystem.
Make sure do not drive on the right side while turning left or right.
Keep drive on the left side after turning left or right.

Increasing Intersection Accidents

Check point ①
Oncoming vehicles (going straight or turning left) have priority.

Be sure to STOP and give way.Check if there are oncoming vehicles.
※Do not follow the preceding car unless it’s clear.

Check point ②
Pedestrians have priority

Pay attention to pedestrians who are crossing.

Check point ③
Can I go on red light?

If the traffic light is red with green arrow sign, you can proceed to directions pointed by the arrow. Proceed while paying attention to oncoming vehicles.

Pay Attention to the Traffic Signs

Read through the following traffic signs before proceeding.

  Speed limit Stop No Entry No U-turn No Overtaking No Parking No Stopping &
One-way Watch out for Children


Hong Kong

Road Signs

Do not change lane unexpectedly to overtake other car.

Follow the arrow.

Direction Signs

Parking Available

Major Road

Central Lane

Stop Line

Pedestrian Crossing

Auxiliary Signs


Inside the Area


Parking Violation & Illegal Parking

Watch out for parking violation & illegal parking!

Parking your car in the available parking lot or the toll coin parking lot.

While parking, you must ensure to park your car in designated parking lots or parking lots with parking fee. Parking on the private land such as the space in front of the convenience store, residential street, or shoulder nearby without permission are forbidden. Besides bothering others, parking unnoticed or parking illegally will lead to a fine. If there is any situation mentioned above happens, it will be customer’s responsibility. In addition, it is easy to have accident in the parking lots, please be careful.

Using Coin Parking Lot

About coin parking lot in Japan

Coin parking is an unattended time-hire parking lot with automatic adjustment machine.
Introduction to Rocked Plate Coin Parking & Lifting Gate Coin Parking.

Parking lock(flap) type of coin parking

How to park
  1. 1.There is a parking lock on the parking space, please drive slowly to pass the lock and park.
  2. 2.After a while, the parking lock will rise automatically and then the tire will be locked.
  3. 3.After the parking lock rise, don’t move your car. Otherwise, the car or the parking lot may be destroyed.
  4. 4.After making sure the parking lock has rised, the parking procedure has already finished.
How to leave
  1. 1.Input the number of your parking space, then the automatic adjustment machine will show you the parking fee. Please pay the parking fee.

    Before inputting the number, ensure the number you input is the place you parked. If you input the wrong numbe, neither the lock will not fall down nor the money will not be returned.

  2. 2.After paying the parking fee, the lock will automatically fall down.
  3. 3.Before backing out, make sure the lock has compeletely fallen down.

The metal flap under will rise up should it detect your car after a certain time even after payment.
Make sure the flap is lowered completely before you exit.

Parking gate type of coin parking

How to Park
  1. 1.Stop your car beside the ticket dispenser machine and press the ticket button.

    If you don’t press the ticket button, the gate bar will not rise.

  2. 2.After getting the parking ticket, the gate bar will rise. Then you can enter the parking lot and find an empty parking space.
How to Leave
  1. 1.After backing out, proceed to the exit and stop beside the ticket adjustment machine. Since the price will be displayed when inserting a parking ticket, please check it out.

    Since payment may be cash-only, it would be a good idea to have cash in Japanese yen(Except ¥5,000 bill and ¥10,000 bill) .

  2. 2.After checking out, the gate bar will rise then you can leave the parking lot.

Using Highway and Attention

General lane & ETC lane

There is a guide sign of each lane on the top of the gate of expressway.
It’s extremely dangerous to have a sudden lane change, especially overtaking a car stopped. Do not overtake under such situation!

  • ETC lane

  • ETC lane & General lane

  • General lane

Using General Lane(一般)

At the Entrance tollgate, collect your toll pass ticket from the automatic ticket machine. At the Exit tollgate, hand your toll pass ticket to the attendant and pay the toll with cash. Cash payment must be in Japanese yen.


Take the(ticket

Exit (出口)

Give the ticket and money to the attendant

Using ETC lane

ETC is an automatic system that allows you to pay the toll without stopping the car. The system is based on wireless communication between the antenna installed at the tollgate and the ETC onboard device in your vehicle.

  1. STEP 1

    ETC card.

  2. STEP 2

Insert the ETC card and get ready for your rtip!

If the green light on the device is lightigh up, it means your ETC card is successfully verified. (Passable)
※If the red light is lighting up, it means you can’t pass the ETC gate.

Two Types of ETC Lane

ETC Exclusive Lane

Only ETC equipped vehicles and vehicles that are plugged in ETC cards are allowed to pass Without ETC equiptment or without ETC card plugged in, vehicles can’t pass.
※Vehicles should pass within 20km/hr.


No matter vehicles are equipped with ETC device or not, this lane is passable. If the car ahead stops, please keep appropriate distance from it.
Overtake is forbidden.

If ETC is not available

Unavailable Entrance

Get the ticket from Entrance tollgate, enter the general lane of exit tollgate, and give your ticket and ETC card to the attendant.


Take the (ticket



Give the ticket and
money to the attendant

Unavailable Exit

Enter the general lane and give the ETC card to the attendant.




Give the ETC card
to the attendant

Takethe ticket at the entrance mistakenly

Enter the general lane of exit and give the ticket and ETC card to the attendant.

The green arrow is passable

If you’re driving a 4-wheel vehicle, please stop then proceed. 2- wheel motorcycles can not pass the ETC lane.
(Except ETC equipped vehicle)

Right lane on expressway in Japan is for passing lane.
If there’s no need for you to overtake, please drive on the left lane.

Use 「NaviCon」 to Get the Map Code

NaviCon can be seen as an intermediary app between smart phone and car navigation. You can simply use your smart phone to search the map code of the place you want to go. Besides, you can also input the map code into the car navigation to set the destination.

For more information >>

Safety Equiptments to Support Your Drive

Toyota Safety Sence C

Toyota Safety Sence C is designed to help protect drivers, passengers, people in other vehicles on the road, and pedestrians.
It integrates several of Toyota’s existing active safety technologies which is comprised of multi-feature active safety packages.

4 Functions to Keep Safety Firmly

  • Help prevent and mitigate collisions.

    Pre-Collision Safety System

  • Help prevent vehicles from departing from their lanes.

    Lane Departure Alert

  • Contribution to notice pedestrians at night early.

    Automatic High Beam

  • Ensure there is a safe distance between vehicles.

    Radar Cruise Control

Toyota Safety Sence C Switch

  1. Lane Departure Alert Switch

    It’s possible to switch ON/OFF.

  2. Pre-Collision Safety System Switch

    Turning off the system or changing
    the alert timing
    (far ‧ middle ‧ close) is possible.

  3. Automatic High Beam Switch

    It’s possible to switch ON/OFF.

ECLIPSE NEW Drive Recorder

No matter how cautious you drive, the road is unpredictable. If you encounter accident, drive recorder would be your reliable partner.
It guard your drive and prove safe driving with video and sound. It can also prevent trouble or negligent calculation from you.

Smoothly deal with accident

If there is an accident, this system can prove the correct situation by
recording video and sound.
It can also prevent trouble or negligent couculation from you.

High quality of both heat and vibration

  • Sensitive to

  • Resist
    high humidity

  • Counteract

  • Static-

  • Rarely effected by digital signal or ETC

  • LED traffic

Smart Key System

Smart Key System

There’s no need to bring out your key. You can lock and unlock the door simply by carrying the smart key.

  • Smart key

    Smart key

  • Lightly hold the door handle to unlock.

    Lightly hold the door handle to unlock.

  • Touch the sensor to lock.

    Touch the sensor to lock.

※Please note that when you are carrying the smartkey, the door automatically unlocks by just touching the driver door handle.

Using Navigation

Generally, the standard usage of navigation while driving is to follow the map on the screen and the announcement, however, there are exceptions in some situations. Obey the traffic rules such as one-way sign or others when driving. Moreover, OTS Rent-a-Car will not bear any responsibilities for any property damage or benifit loss caused by incorrect map data or route guidance.
Using navigation is not available in driving. Please make sure stop your car completely before operation.

Decide your destination!

Facilities or places you wanna go can be searched as destination by the following ways.

Touch 目的地on the top screen or press the button MENUthen touch 目的地設定.

The screen of setting destination

Scroll down

Know the phone number of the facility that you want to go to
※Only japanese

Search by Phone Number

Touch 電話番号で探す

Input the phone number( the area code) → Touch 検索 → Touch

Guide to destination

Know the MAPCODE of the facility that you want to go to
※Only japanese

Search by MAPCODE

Touch マップコードで探す

Input MAPCODE →Touch 検索
Touch Go here now

Guide to destination

Know part of the name of the facility that you want to go to

Search by the name of the place

Touch 50音で探す

Input the name of the facility you want to go → Touch 検索

Touch 都道府県名

Touch the name of the facility → Touch Go here now

Guide to destination

Do not know the part of the name of the facility that you want to go to

Search by Genre

Touch ジャンルで探す

Touch 目的のジャンル

Touch 都道府県名

Touch the facility of your destination
→ Touch Go here now

Guide to destination

Maximum destinations can be set up to 5 places!

Multiple destinations are possible set by one time!

Touch 目的地 on the top screen after setting as the aboved-mentioned way.

Touch 追加目的地設定 add other
destinations by the same way.

Touch 追加目的地にする

Touch 設定 if there is any area you wanna drop by

Multi screen shown at the first time

Initialization Operation

Privacy protector

Touch 設定情報 → Touch 詳細設定

Touch 設定初期化

For the utmost importance of your privacy, please initialize your used data like 【目的地履歴】 or 【走行軌跡】.

Language Changing

Touch 設定情報 → Touch 詳細設定

Scroll to the bottom, choose one language 日本語
English中文한국어 of the voice guidance and map language you like, and then the search result searched by phone number/map code will be written in English.

Using Audio

The screen of audio
Listen to radio

Touch ラジオ

Listen to CD

Touch CD

CD insertion & unloading

Touch the button to start the display

CPut the CD on the insertion slot. Touch the button to take it out.

Conecting portable audio device

Take out the AUX cable in the glove box then connect to your portable audio device.

For playback, please make sure turn up the volumn of your portable audio device while controlling the volumn in the navigation.Song selection shall be operated on your device.

Using Navigation

The screen of navigation

※The way of searching destination and setting is wrriten on the back.

Choosing Destination

Searching destination is available through [50音(50 Japanese Charaters)], [住所(Addres)], [電話番号(Phone number)], [ジャンル(Genre)], [マップコード(MAPCODE)].

Searching facilities nearby

or . Gas stations, conveniene stores, banks or other facilities are shown around 10km.

Where you are

The nearest place around you will be shown.

Traffic Jam Info

Scroll to the last page, touch the VICS表示.

Choose the way shown.

The distance and situation of traffic jam will be presented as an different color arrow ;
red — congested
orange —a little bit congested
light blue— not congested( empty)

※For enquiries regarding manual
Fujitsu Ten LIMITED. Coperation(Customer Service Center) 0120-022210
Reception: 09:30~17:30(Weekend, national holiday excluded)

About Sticker

About Sticker

  • Okinawa

  • Hokkaido

To have an enjoyable and fun trip in Japan, we provide stickers above for rental car users. It is an accident prevention and safety awareness by encouraging drivers in OKINAWA or even Japanese to give consideration to overseas drivers, who are not used to Japanese traffic rules, and other Japanese inhabitants.