【Okinawa Main Island】Flat Rate ETC card for rental


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※Please note that there is no refund for Flat-rate ETC card even if unused.

JPY3,000/120 hours
Unlimited usage of expressway

First in Okinawa!!
Only available in OTS Rent-A-Car

Flat Rate ETC card Rental begins now!!

Toll fee costs about JPY4,000 for 4 days 3 nights trip. Choose Flat Rate as a more cost effective way!

  1. Point 01

    With a flat rate charge, no additional cost is required and drive in ease!!

  2. Point 02

    ETC allows you to travel more smoothly through toll gates

  3. Point 03

    Shorten travelling time by using the expressway

Okinawa Expressways
Foreigners with passport other than Japan passport

Finally on holiday but time wasted on traffic jam

Always worrying about toll fees…

Besides expressway toll fees, carpark fees are also costly.

If you have such worrying thoughts,
let OTS Rent-A-Car
solve it for you

First in Okinawa

Unlimited usage of expressway
JPY3,000/120 hours

Flat rate ETC card
Rental begins now!!

Merit Flat rate ETC card’s3advantages

  1. Merit 01

    Reach your destination easily and quickly without wasting time on the congestion at the general lane.

  2. Merit 02

    Smooth entry/exit at toll gates using the ETC exclusive lanes

  3. Merit 03

    With a flat rate charge, you can have unlimited use of expressways without paying any toll fees.
    Save more time in settlement procedure upon car return.

Want to reach your destination soon and it may be time-consuming if you do not use expressways.
However taking the expressway may cost a lot and not too sure how Japan expressway works…
Do you ever have such thoughts? Let us tell you a good news!
Surprise! Introducing our Flat Rate ETC card with unlimited use on expressways!
So what is this Flat Rate ETC card about?

≫ more
-Merit- 01
Reach your destination easily and quickly without wasting time on the congestion at the general lane.
After renting the Flat Rate ETC card, you can reach your destination easily!
-Merit- 02
It is easy to use Japan Expressway, just pass through the ETC exclusive lanes upon approaching the toll gates on expressways! Time-saving as no more queue at the general lane ♪
-Merit- 03
With a flat rate, you can have unlimited use of expressways without paying any toll fees.

For example, one-way toll fee from Naha to Kyoda expressway already costs JPY1,040. With the Flat Rate ETC card, no worries on the cost as you can drive on the expressways many times while enjoying all the tourist attractions around Okinawa!

Faster car return procedure as it eliminates the time needed for settling the accumulated toll fee payment.

“Ah! It will be good to have it.” We hear you so we decide to introduce this scheme for our valued customers! This ETC card rental is only available for customers who rent car from OTS Rent-A-Car. We hope customers can benefit from this Flat Rate ETC card♪

Maximum cost [Naha-Kyoda]
Normal compact vehicle: JPY1,040
※The speed limit for expressways is 80km/h under Law. Hence, please ensure that you comply with rules & regulations and drive safely.
※Please reduce your car speed to 20km/h or less when passing through the ETC exclusive lane.
※If you encounter multiple lanes on the expressway, please note that the right lane is the overtaking lane, unless necessary, please drive on the left lane.

Price list Expressway Toll Price List

(currency: JPY)

1,040 900 780 700 650 500 420 340 320 210 那覇
1,000 860 740 650 610 460 370 300 270 160 西原JCT
940 810 680 600 550 410 320 240 210 西原
830 700 570 480 450 300 210 130 北中城
The ETC exclusive lane at Kishaba interchange towards Naha (not accessible for medium-sized and bigger vehicles).
Operating Hours: 6:00~22:00
730 590 470 390 340 190 沖縄南
640 500 380 300 240 沖縄北
490 340 170 140 石川
340 170 金武
170 宜野座
Flat Rate ETC card rental fees

Within 120 hours JPY3,000

For beyond 120 hours, additional JPY1,000 for succeeding 24hrs.

※If your car return location is DFS branch, a refundable cash deposit of JPY5,000 is required during car collection. Upon car return, the cash deposit will be refunded to you when you return the ETC card at the counter.

Okinawa Expressway
Foreigners with passport other than Japan passport

Japanese citizens who have permanent residence status in another country (holding International Driver’s Permit (IDP) eligible in Japan)

※Upon registration, please provide your passport or permanent residence document and IDP.

If it is not Flat Rate system . . .

For 4 days 3 nights

Expressway Toll Fee
is about JPY4,000

Flat Rate system is way more worth it!
By choosing Flat Rate ETC
no final payment required

and faster return procedure

About ETC How to use Expressways & ETC Exclusive Lane

How to use ETC card?

Just insert the ETC card in the vehicle’s ETC device!
After inserting the ETC card, the green light on ETC device will be lit before it can be used.

※If red light is lit, it shows abnormality in the ETC card and ETC exclusive lane cannot be used. Please check the ETC card is inserted in the correct direction.

ETC Exclusive Lane

There are 2 types of ETC exclusive lanes that can be used. Please use the corresponding lanes.

ETC Exclusive Lane

Only vehicles equipped with ETC card can pass through.

※Vehicles without ETC card inserted or properly inserted will not be able to pass through.
※Please reduce your car speed to less than 20km/hr before approaching the toll gate.

ETC Lane / General Lane

Vehicles with/without ETC card are able to pass through.

※The vehicles ahead may temporarily stop before driving so please keep a safe distance from the vehicles upon making payment.
※Overtaking is strictly prohibited.

For more detailed information on ETC, please refer to How to use Expressways and things to note.

How to use Expressways and things to note
  • Flat rate ETC card
    Unlimited usage of expressway

  • Save cost and do a part in contributing to the planet.
    Hybrid vehicles

  • In case of accident
    it is equipped with safety system to reduce collision.

We provide not only unlimited usage of expressway Flat rate ETC card,
and also a variety of fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles for selection as well.
In addition, our vehicles are equipped with safety system to assist in preventing/minimising accidents.

Only available in OTS Rent-A-Car

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