【Okinawa】4G Wi-Fi Walker Rental


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4G Wi-Fi Walker Rental

Rent Wi-Fi together with rental car

Hi-speed internet connection
4G Wi-Fi for rent!


Limited to customers with car rental booking.
Access the internet, map and social network through your phone or computer for even more convenient and enjoyable trip.
Watch movie smoothly! Less stress with 4G Wi-Fi.
※Can be rented according to the car rental period.
※The model and the color cannot be specified.

Wi-Fi rental charge

As we support your travel,
we provide the most affordable options!

Up to 24hr use
Up to 120hr use
Succeeding 24hrs
  • Usable in all areas of Okinawa, Hokkaido and Chu-Shikoku.
  • Wi-Fi walker is rented out according to the car rental period. The device must be returned together with the rent a car.
  • You cannot rent only the Wi-Fi device.
  • The model and color cannot be specified.
  • 【Okinawa main island】 In addition to car rental charge, a security cash deposit of JPY5,000 (Japanese yen) will apply for customers who will return the car to DFS office. This amount will be refunded when you return the device.

Wi-Fi Set

Charge anywhere, at your hotel or in the car,
with complete Wi-Fi set!

Wi-Fi Set
  • ①4G Wi-Fi router(can connect up to 10 devices)
  • ②Cigarette lighter socket adapter
  • ③AC adapter
  • ④Case
Below compensation charges will apply in case of lost, damaged, stolen, re-rented or pawned items.
①4G Wi-Fi router:JPY20,000
②Cigarette lighter socket adapter:JPY5,000
③AC adapter:JPY5,000

Rent Wi-Fi Walker and stay connected!
When making online booking, select Wi-Fi on the car option.

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