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Super view ☆ Hotels with a view of Seto Inland Sea

Attractive points of Seto Inland Sea are silent water and super view of numerous islands!
Not only Japanese but people from the whole World find this place charming.
We introduce accommodation facilities that allow you to watch this Seto Inland Sea☆

Okura Hotel Marugame
3-3-50, Fujimicho, Marugame-shi, Kagawa
The best location to enjoy Seto Inland Sea! Relax slowly.
This hotel is located in Marugane city with prospering from Edo Era manufacturing of Japanese fans, continuing until now udon noodles making and where one of Kagawa prefecture's soul food "Bird with bones" originates!
Of course you may observe panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea and Great Seto Bridge not only from sea side rooms but also from the observation deck♪

※In case of reservation of rooms on Great Seto Bridge side please book a room from 《 Non-smoking twin room [With view of Great Seto Bridge] 》 category. It is possible to make reservation for 1~3 guests in 1 room♪
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Seto Ohashi Onsen Setouchi Sou
2-1-20, Tokiwacho, Sakaide-shi, Kagawa
You may see Great Seto Bridge at night from close distance in Sakaide which is the entrance to Shikoku and Kagawa!
We introduce this "Setouchi Sou" in a little bit another way♪
Here is "Setouchi Sou" located in Sakaide city at the entrace to Kagawa!
Night sightseeing bus tour that rides close to Great Seto Bridge is available!
On the way you can enjoy an observation spot on the top where it is possible to overlook Seto Inland Sea and sparkling Great Seto Bridge without hurry♪

Moreover, in this "Setouchi Sou" in addition to very precious dishes, another attractive point is hot spring that will make your skin smooth and moist!
Would you like to heal your tiredness after work or travel and enjoy view of Setouchi?♪
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Hotel Bokaiso
1784-15, Yashimahigashimachi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
The whole panoramic view of beautiful numerous islands floating on the surface of Seto Inland Sea and night scenery of Takamatsu city~
This is a location on the top of Yashima in Takamatsu city with panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea.
The view of setting sun over Setouchi and night scenery of Takamatsu city area is spreading out and you can enjoy scenes throughout the day♪
You may watch panoramic scenery chosen as "Japan 100 Sunsets" and "100 Night Views"!

Would you like to try [Luxury of doing nothing] at least once?
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