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Hotels where you can have fun with pets and enjoy accommodation

We introduce the best hotels for persons who consider that traveling is difficult if you have pets♪
We introduce hotels where accommodation with pets is possible or hotels that have facilities where pets can be accommodated!

Hyper Resort Villa Shionoe
688-1, Shionoechokaminishiotsu, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
Hot spring area in Takamatsu city, be healed in Shionoe without hurry...
This resort hotel is located in Shionoe hot spring area in about 20 minutes by car from Takamatsu airport, about 45 minutes from JR Takamatsu station♪

The place of Shionoe with luxurious and laid-back pastime distant from noisy and crowded city has stylish European style and you can relieve your daily stress in the open-air bath at lake side filled with the sense of freedom.
A farm is located nearby so you can experience stay close to the nature!
The air is clear and it matches strolling with pet.
If you are lucky you may also watch starry sky which is impossible in the city.
Please make great memories in this great place♪

※When you make a reservation please book ≪Room for accommodation with pets. Capacity 4 people [Japanese-Western-style room PET]≫.
※2,100 yen per 1 night will be charged on site as accommodation price for 1 pet.

Elaborate dishes cooked considering features of seasonal ingredients are also very popular! You definitely should try♪
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Mountain dome
3711, Sogishohigashi, Ayagawa-cho, Ayauta-gun, Kagawa
This log pension allows you to accommodate together with even very large dogs!
This accommodation facility is a log pension surrounded by nature located close to Takamatsu airport in Ayakawa, Kagawa prefecture.
All buildings are made by the owner and landlady theirselves and it is surprising!
This is an exciting place with view of standing in row buildings of log pension with American chic located inside the lush nature!
You can spend comfortable and laid-back pastime together with your lovely dog!
You definitely should make great and funny moments with important family and pets in this place♪

This is a large pension that accepts both small and very large dogs.
※If you would like to make a reservation please choose room types written in ≪≫ listed below!
①≪Room【Small】Accommodation with pets is possible 2~3 people≫
②≪Room【Large】Accommodation with pets is possible 4~6 people≫ - this one is popular among guests with large dogs!

※Additional fee will be charged for pets onsite. The price is 1,000 yen per 1 dog per 1 night. Thank you for the understanding.
※Please contact us if your pet is not a dog♪
※It is prohibited to enter restaurant or bath together. Thank you for the understanding.
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