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Special selection of sacred places for lovers in Kagawa prefecture

There are several spots called【Sacred places for lovers】in Kagawa prefecture♪
This time we would like to introduce hotels that located close to this type of romantic places!

Okura Hotel Marugame
3-3-50, Fujimicho, Marugame-shi, Kagawa
7 minutes by car from【Utazurinkai Park】♪
【Utazurinkai Park】is situated in Utazu in Kagawa prefecture and this is a very popular dating spot where you can enjoy superb views of Great Seto Bridge illumination and beautiful sunset over Seto Inland Sea. "UTAZU ALOHA NIGHT" is being held in summer and you can enjoy dusk near Seto Inland Sea together with splendid hula dance.

Okura Hotel Marugame is a city hotel located in Marugame city in 7 minute drive from【Utazurinkai Park】.
You can overlook panorama of Seto Inland Sea from indoor fine-view open-air bath (picture ③), and if you book a room with ocean view you can see Seto Inland Sea from the room also♪
Enjoy birthday or wedding anniversary day together with beloved person or family!
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Ajikanko Hotel Umino Yadori
5494, Ajicho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
Special plan to spend time with important person is available! About 3 minute drive from【Shirobana Park】
【Shirobana Park】is a classic dating spot located in Aji, Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture. It is close to the location of the great hit of 2004 "Socrates in Love" movie. At the "Jun'ai road" ("Pure love road") in the park a heart-shaped cute bench is set.

Aji Onsen Aji Kanko Hotel Uminoyadori is a Japanese inn located in about 3 minute drive from【Shirobana】 in Aji, Takamatsu city.
A beautiful view of numerous islands is visible from the facility in peaceful town so you may spend time slowly and without hurry♪

In this type of Japanese hotel we have recommended for couples ≪Date plan for good couple♪≫!
With dinner with local and seasonal ingredients, open-air bath with view of Seto Inland Sea and highly effective natural hot spring and free colorful yukata for ladies you will be satisfied without a doubt!
You can stay in "Guest room with fine-view bath with Jacuzzi" upgraded from Japanese or Western style rooms and try the experience of healing more♪
※Please choose ≪Date plan for good couple♪≫ when you make a reservation.

Would you like to create great memories with important person together with view of Setouchi and sacred places for lovers?
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