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Hotels with special hot springs

If you are tired or the weather is cold you want to enter hot spring♪
This time we introduce hotels which have hot spring with flowers floating in the bath, hot spring with good view and private hot springs♪

Seto Ohashi Onsen Setouchi Sou
2-1-20, Tokiwacho, Sakaide-shi, Kagawa
Effective for skin beauty open-air bath with alkaline spring source that is told to be one of 3 great beauty springs in Japan♪
Sakaide city is situated at the base of Great Seto Bridge connecting Chugoku and Shikoku regions.

Open-air bath feeding from alkaline spring source that is told to be one of 3 great beauty springs in Japan is soft and gentle! If you stretch your arms and legs in the large bathtub you may spend pleasant time healing yourself from tiredness of travel♪
Enjoy changing scenery and charm of seasons.

Sauna is also available so you can bathing overlooking beautiful night view of Sakaide from fine-view bath.
If you are a lucky lady you can enjoy bath with flowers♪

Starting from original sea products of Setouchi, we have vaunted dishes cooked from fresh ingredients with good reviews and many guests visit us several times!
We definitely recommend you to book ≪☆★[standard plan] ★☆ For family trips and trips with friends♪ With Setouchi banquet dishes full-course meal dinner≫ plan with dinner!

At evening slowly enjoy attractiveness of Sakaide using the services of ≪Great Seto Bridge Tourist Bus≫ that rides to the base of the bridge.
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Yumoto Konpira Onsen Hananoyu Kobaitei
556-1, Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa
3 styles of hot springs you can enjoy♪ Exploration of the affiliated hotel "Kotohira Grand Hotel Sakuranosho" is also very popular!
This is a hotel with 3 styles hot springs located close to Kotohira station and Kotohita-gu.

【① Hanasumika】You can fully enjoy the warmth of colors of changing seasons♪
We have popular among ladies "Flower open-air bath (※Flowers change depending on the time. ≪Rose≫ 15:00~24:00, ≪Orchid≫ 5:00~10:00)" and "Kamefuro (※We put citrus fruits at evening)", but in addition we have open-air bathes and filled with the sense of openness indoor bathes for men.
Moreover there are garden open-air bath surrounded by greenery and flowers. large communal bath【② Hanaterasu】 and【③ Hanakurabu (Moon water・Star water)】where you can try high quality private relaxing time.
※Additional price will be charged for private using 【③ Hanakurabu (Moon water・Star water)】.

In addition in affiliated "Kotohira Grand Hotel Sakuranosho" there are flower bath for ladies with floating rose petals and popular bath that makes skin soft. Man can spend time in comfortable space of large communal bath or in open-air bath with the view of Kotohira-gu.
The possibility of enjoying these bathes of "Kotohira Grand Hotel Sakuranosho" is an advantageous privilege!
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Kotosankaku Hotel
685-11, Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa
Recommended for ladies flower bath with high style mood, upgraded room and fine-view bath only for accommodating guests♪
This hotel is located in about 5 minute walk from the way approaching to Kotohira-gu.
If you enter inside you will find comfortable lobby, beautiful park with Zozu mountain on a background will heal you from fatigue and stress♪

There are available for bathing【Kabuki no yu】where you can watch a copse and feel changing of seasons, as well as【Konpira no yu】which is one of the largest communal bathes in Shikoku among hot springs of Kotosankaku.
Inside the facility the best recommended for ladies【Boat-shaped bathtube with flowers】!
Being healed by the nature around and soaking in the bathtub with multiple rose flowers you can experience the high style mood♪

Moreover, guests accommodating in "Hitenkan" after upgrading from rooms of "Sansuikan" can enter exclusive for guest of "Hitenkan" fine-view bath and enjoy great scene of Shikoku.
Spend premium moments with new feeling♪
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