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--- Basic information ---
Open 7 days a week 8:00am to 8:00pm.
Available languages: ja cnh cnk ko en
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Activity area: Central
--- Introductory remarks ---
[Umiashibi is the only place in Okinawa where you can enjoy kayaking and boat fishing at the same time! ! 》
We are located in Kadena Town, central part of the main island of Okinawa Prefecture.
This is an activity shop that holds fishing tours, kayak tours, and SUP tours.
Both fishing and kayaking are at the same meeting point, so you can enjoy the popular fishing and kayaking menu without spending time traveling.

*Perfect for your first fishing experience! Easy fishing tour
*Relaxing mangrove kayak tour on a calm river
*A spectacular view that will last a lifetime! sunset kayak tour
*Pleasant exercise while surrounded by nature ♪ Mangrove SUP tour
One of the reasons it's so popular is that everyone from small children to the elderly can participate.
Our value set plan has the highest customer satisfaction rating!!! You save more than 1,000 yen compared to participating separately!

From the time you make your reservation until the day of your experience,
``I wonder how long it will take after arriving at the airport.'' . ? ”
``Is there a good food restaurant on the way? ”
``Okinawa has a warm image, but what kind of clothes should I wear now? Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.
Our dedicated reservation staff will not only provide you with information on our menu, but will also support you with your Okinawa trip!

Once you are fully prepared, all you have to do is enjoy it to the fullest☆
Let's escape from everyday life and create extraordinary memories together in the magnificent nature of Okinawa!
Even if this is your first experience, our bright and kind staff will give you a lecture from scratch, so please feel free to join us (*^^*)
There are many Uchinanchu staff (originally from Okinawa), so you will be able to experience Okinawa even more!
You can also hear Shimakutoba (dialect) during the tour ♪

We have various campaigns and great set prices. Please take a look at the plan list.
~ Recommended points for Umi Usagi and Umi Ashibi ~
①《Kayaking is for ages 2 and up, fishing is for ages 3 and up! 》
You are welcome to join with friends or alone.
Even families with 3 generations can enjoy it together without having to wait for someone else (^^♪
②《You can also make last-minute reservations if you are on time for the meeting time! 》
"Other tours were canceled due to rain and wind..." "I had no plans, but I wanted to experience something!"
In such a case, please contact [Umi Usagi/Umi Ashibi].
The Mangrove Kayak course takes place on a calm river that is resistant to rain and wind. The event rate is 95%!
The fishing course is also strong against various wind directions, so the sailing rate is one of the highest on Okinawa's main island.
This is one of the few outdoor activities that you can enjoy outdoors even in the rain!

③《All tools related to the tour can be rented for free! 》
Fishing → Fishing rod, bait, life jacket, towel, sandals, bag for taking fish home, ice
Kayak → Life jacket, sandals, towel, hat, waterproof smartphone case, waterproof long pants (*Limited quantity)
*When kayaking, your clothes will get wet, so you will need to change your clothes.
*Private showers are available for those who wish to do so. Please contact our staff. (Paid)
That's when I thought of it! You can join us right away♪
Photos taken during the tour will be given to you free of charge after the tour ends! You can take home the best memories right away.

④《Good access♪ Another experience on the day of arrival or on the last day! 》
The venue is conveniently located in the central part of the main island, 45 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the Onna Village area.
This location is easy to fit into your travel schedule, from the time you arrive at the airport until you check in to the hotel, or after sightseeing from American Village.
Also, one menu can be completed in 2 hours! Play with nature in your free time! You can do it in Kadena Town.
《Don't worry if you don't have a rental car♪》
We will take you to the nearest bus stop to the meeting point free of charge.
If meeting at a store → 《In front of Kaihin Koen》 《In front of Kaihin Koen》
If meeting at a fishing port →《Mizukama》《Mizugama》
*We may not be able to respond during busy periods or when there is a shortage of staff. Thank you for your understanding.

We offer excitement and excitement to our customers with our extensive menu!
All of our staff have acquired the guide qualifications that are indispensable for guidance.
We also place great emphasis on service, so that all our customers are satisfied.
I will do my best every day!
All of our staff members will be waiting for you with a big smile when you visit our store★☆★☆
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