【Okinawa Main Island】Introducing Toyota RAIZE


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Elegant Silhouette Spacious Interior

Easily Loadable Car Trunk

Compact SUV Class-Leading Luggage Capacity

Luggage Size

Raize boasts its 369-liter luggage capacity when the deck board is in high position for a compact SUV. It has a spacious luggage compartment in width and in height capable of securing your luggage even with the back seats occupied.

Storage effectively utilized according to your items.

Deck Board in High Position

Deck Board in Low Position

2-Level Deck Board

It adopted a 2-level structure deck board for wider and more user-friendly utilization.
High deck position creates a flat floor for easy loading and unloading of items while the low deck position creates more space for more luggage catering to variety of customer needs.

Generous Interior Space

Roomy Feeling on All Seats

The car full length is less than 4m yet very spacious!
Comfortable even for long trips!

Raize is a compact car that measures less than four meters in length yet the interior is surprisingly spacious.
The legroom are also wide, comfortable even for long rides.
Enjoy a space for both your body and mind!

Outstanding View From the Driver’s Seat

Up, down, left and rightーexcellent range of driver’s visibility.

As the hip-point is high, the eye-point also goes higher providing a better forward view over the hood.
With the wider forward visibility, you can drive with ease.

Reliable Safety Features

Collision avoidance not only for vehicles but also for pedestrians.

Collision Warning Function (Vehicles & Pedestrians)
Collision Avoidance Brake Assist (Vehicles & Pedestrians)

These safety features are capable of detecting preceding vehicles and pedestrians. If it senses a risk of collision, it prompts the driver by using an audio and visual alert.
Also, when it determines that the possibility of collision is extremely high, the system may automatically apply the brakes, reducing speed to help mitigate the impact or avoid the collision entirely if possible.

Assist to detect obstacle using audio and visual alert.

Corner Sensors

Corner sensors are equipped on the front and back of the vehicle.
The alert sound changes according to the obstacle distance.
This system assist drivers specially when parallel parking and when maneuvering at a parking garage etc.

Assist alert driver to objects in the vehicle’s blind spots.

BSM (Blind-Spot Monitoring)

This system uses millimeter-wave radar to detect other vehicles on the adjacent lanes.
Aside from detecting the vehicles at your back, it also helps draw attention to adjacent vehicles in you blind spot that may be approaching you.

While driving, when it detects a vehicle in your blind spot, the LED indicator lights will illuminate on the side mirror. If you switch on your turn signal at this time, the light will begin to flash in order to draw your attention and let you know there’s a vehicle in your side.

Detect and alerts you when a vehicle is nearing your rear bumper.

(Rear Cross-Traffic Alert)

When you move backwards at a parking space, it will detect vehicles behind coming from the left or right using a millimeter-wave radar.
The indicator on the side mirror will illuminate with a warning tone get your attention and let you know there’s a car approaching your back.

Detects No-Entry sign and prevent you from going to the opposite direction.

Road Sign Assist (No-Entry Sign)

When you are driving at approximately within 60km/hr., it will detect “No-Entry” signs using stereo camera and will alert the driver with sound and display.
Useful at expressways exit only service areas and urban places with many one-way streets, etc.

Storage Specs

Trunk Size

Maximum width: 1000mm
Height: 865mm

Storage Guide

2 Luggage (if 5 persons seating)

Sample Luggage Size

RIMOWA Topas Multiwheel 98L
【Capacity】 98L
Height: 815mm

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