【Akamine office only】
Akamine monorail station pick-up service

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【Akamine office only】Akamine monorail station pick-up service

Free transfer service from Akamine monorail station to OTS Akamine office!

※ Please Note ※

  • ■Pick-up service runs from 08:15 to 18:45 (reservation required)
  • ■When making booking online, please select monorail pick-up service or inform our staff when contacting our office by phone.
  • ■ It may take about 5min. from monorail station to our Akamine office (depending on the traffic condition).
Exit the Akamine Monorail Station

1.Exit the Akamine Monorail Station

After exiting the monorail station ticket gate, please head to the “North Exit”.
“North Exit”=”北口”

Go down the stairs on the right side

2.Go down the stairs on the right side

Go down the stairs on the right side.

Cross at the pedestrian crossing

3.Cross at the pedestrian crossing

After going down stairs, cross at the pedestrian crossing on the left. The waiting shed is the stop for our shuttle service.

Look for OTS staff

4.Look for OTS staff

Inform your booking number to our staff. For smoother process, please prepare your booking number in advance.

▼ Please check below for Akamine station monorail time table. ▼

monorail time table

▼ Other transfer service ▼

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