As for reservations of activities on Okinawa「OneTwoSmile ACTIVITIES」
Mangrove and sea kayaking!
Making safety and care the first priority this course plan offers a great enjoyment of the Mother Nature of Okukubigawa River for small groups.
Since it is a river kayaking there are no strong waves and it is not strongly influenced by wind so even beginners and small children can participate without worries.
If the sea connected to the river is calm it is possible to enjoy sea kayaking right after mangrove forest so in this course you can spend interesting time twice.
The staff has more than 20 years of experience in providing services without accidents acknowledged by Okinawa Prefecture Public Safety Commission. All staff members have qualification issued in Japan.
2 years old and older persons can participate.
70 years old and older guests need medical certificate from the doctor.
The time of start will be changed in accordance to the tide level so please ask the schedule.

※Please make a reservation selecting 2 or more persons.
Outdoor・Sports Marine Sports Kayak
  • 10/31

  • 11/01

  • 11/02

  • 11/03

  • One person OK
  • Children OK
  • Pick up service available
  • With meals
  • Required Time
  • in 2 h
  • Payment Method
  • Pre-payment by credit card
Price more than 5 persons(2 years old - 70 years old): ¥5,000
3 - 4 persons(2 years old - 70 years old): ¥5,500
2 years old - 70 years old: ¥6,000
Schedule 1. Gathering at Nature Miraikan parking area
The staff will be waiting for you.
2. Reception at pilotis
We will explain about the application form and the tour.
3. Studying general kayak movements
Even if you are a beginner we will politely explain it so please do not worry.
4. Start of the mangrove kayaking tour
You will be definitely excited by the jungles in front of you.
5. Observation of the nature
Watch cute water birds and various kinds of living creatures.
6. If the sea allows us let's go to the sea!
The feeling of freedom when you come from the river to the open sea is overwhelming.
7. If we have enough time we also show water buffaloes and strolling road.
8. At the end of the tour please use changing room or shower room.
9. Receive memory cards with photos and videos, breakup.
Age 2years old ~ 70 years old
Min. of PAX 2people
Things included in the price Rental equipment set
Compensation insurance
Photos taken by camera
Usage of facilities (changing room, toilet)
Parking area
Meeting Place 〒904-1201
11818-2, Kin, Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Note:Gathering spot is Nature Miraikan. If you arrive by rental car please fill in the telephone number "098-968-6117" or map code "206143039". When you arrive please park your car on the parking and contact 080-9999-5645. Our staff will meet you. If you come to us by bus, please expect traffic jam and arrive in advance. Please refer to the link attached below to check it easily.

MapCode : 206 143 039
Meeting Time You can choose between:
08: 00
10: 00
12: 00
14: 00
15: 00
The time of start will be changed in accordance to the tide level so please ask the schedule. 
Important notice ※Healthy persons from 2 to 70 years old can participate.
※It is not possible to participate after drinking alcohol.
※Medical examination is necessary from persons with chronic diseases, persons commuting to hospital and persons taking medicines.
※Pregnant women can not participate in the course.
※This tour is for 2 or more people.
※Minor persons must have written consent regarding participation signed by the guardian.
Please download it below and bring on the day of the activity already signed.
※The time of start will be changed in accordance to the tide level so please check the schedule.
※Rental wet suit needs to be requested in advance.
Please note that we can not provide it if it was not requested.
※In case of rarely used micro SD cards a possibility of the data become erased exists so we recommend to use it after backing up the data.
※We do not take responsibility in case of the data being lost due to camera malfunction or submerge.
※We do not take any responsibility in case of data being lost or erased when you get home after checking the data in the shop on the day of the event.
※Using of lockers or shower are paid services.
※Please make a reservation selecting 2 or more persons.
Cancellation Policy Depending on customer convenience the cancellation will be subject to the following charges:
50% of the activity fee will be charged if we receive the cancellation notice [between 2 days before until 12:00 on the previous day of the activity].
100% of the activity fee will be charged if we receive the cancellation notice [between 12:01 on the previous day until the actual day].
Please note that in case of point modification will be also charged as cancellation fee.

※Cancellation fee will not be charged if the plane is cancelled due natural disaster.
Organizer SEALOVERS OKINAWA Open from 7:00 to 21:00
Open throughout the year.
Available languages: ja cnh cnk ko en
※ It may be text/photo descriptions